• College Readiness

    The AASCU-CCSSO-SHEEO College and Career Readiness Partnership (CCRP) was formed in 2010 to promote postsecondary engagement in implementation of CCSS through cross-sector collaborative networks with PK-12. The partnership brings together state, local, and institution leaders at postsecondary & PK-12 levels. Phase I of the CCRP included seven states (Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, Oregon, Tennessee, Wisconsin). The Phase II timeline is October 2012 – December 2013. Missouri, Oregon, Wisconsin will continue as Cohort 1 of Phase II and five new states will be invited to join as Cohort 2 for Phase II.

    State leadership teams work collaboratively with state SHEEO, CSSO, and AASCU leadership on implementation of CCSS; participate and contribute in a national convening and other state activities designed to promote successful implementation of CCSS and achieve greater engagement by higher education institutions and faculty in implementation of CCSS and assessments.


    This project is being funded with funds from the Lumina Foundation and the Hewlett Foundation.

    Task Force on College Readiness

    The Task Force on College Readiness, an institution-focused initiative, was co-chaired by Tomás Morales and Jim Votruba. This is an AASCU-only initiative, focused on the role of AASCU institutions in preparing P-12 students for college. The final report, titled “Serving America’s Future: Increasing College Readiness” was released on October 30 and was presented at AASCU’s Annual Meeting in New Orleans. The report, with presidents and chancellors and chief academic officers as its intended audience, argues for a broad and multifaceted approach to college readiness, highlight exemplary programs, and suggests strategies for P-12 partnerships and institutional alignment.

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