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Grants Resource Center (GRC) Partnership Program

AASCU’s Grants Resource Center (GRC) is committed to helping its members enhance the research and sponsored program capabilities of their institutions. To this end, GRC relies on a select group of program partners to provide updates, guidance and thought leadership on an array of issues impacting the grants and sponsored programs landscape. GRC gratefully acknowledges the support of the following program partners.


Code Ocean


Code Ocean is a computational reproducibility platform enabling researchers to run, share, and discover code in an executable, cloud-based environment. Researchers, engineers, developers, and scientists can link executable code and data to articles published in academic journals and conference proceedings while retaining copyright. Code Ocean assigns Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to support citable attribution and partners with publishers to add working code to the research outputs readily available from research articles. Code Ocean was founded in 2015 with the goal of saving researchers time and advancing science by making the world's scientific code more reusable, executable, and reproducible.

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