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    Office of International Education programs include:

    • Japan Studies Summer Institute
      Each Year we offer The National Faculty Development Institute on Incorporating Japanese Studies into the Undergraduate Curriculum held on the campus of San Diego State University (SDSU) from June 1-23, 2006. The Institute is designed for faculty and academic administrators at AASCU institutions who do not have prior experience in Japanese Studies. Sasakawa Fellowships that cover the majority of the cost of the Institute are provided for all participants.

    • China Initiative
    • We have three programs in China, AASCU continues to focus on China as one of the strategic areas of the 21st century. For the past nine years, AASCU has been working closely with our long-time colleagues, the Chinese Educational Association for International Exchange (CEAIE).

      • SALT-Sino-American Leadership Training Program
        In all, we have had more than 350 AASCU travelers, created more than 35 Chinese-American university partnerships

      • EXSALT-Extended Sino-American Leadership Training Project designed a training program for senior Chinese administrators who spend 5 weeks on American campuses

      • 1+2+1 Dual Degree Student Academic Program
        20 AASCU campuses and 70 Chinese campuses involved in the 1+2+1 dual degree student academic program, which has enrolled more than 1000 Chinese students who spend their sophomore and junior years at AASCU institutions.

    • Global Access Project
    • AASCU successfully completed the two and a half year Global Access Project (GAP), which was funded by a grant from the Department of State (DOS).

      Twelve AASCU institutions participated in the project; each participating campus took the lead in addressing a different international issue each month. These monthly programs used DOS speakers and other resources to promote public diplomacy on our campuses and to generate greater interest among students in foreign and civil affairs careers.

      An extension of the original project involves one of our AASCU institutions, James Madison University, which developed and produced a multi-media, interactive CD that reflects the work of the U.S. Department of State and its impact on domestic and international public perceptions. The CD-ROM, “Diplomacy in Action,” is designed for use in classes; it contains many features that will assist our campuses learn more about the State Department and its activities worldwide.

    • Presidential Mission
      Each year, we organize a Presidential Mission to a country or region, where our member presidents and chancellors have opportunities to explore potential linkages with institutions of higher education. The expectation is that these presidential missions will lead to partnerships and programs at the institutional level, supported and sustained by AASCU and its network of relationships in the host country. Our presidential missions are designed to create opportunities for faculty and student exchanges, as well as program collaboration with the host country. Our first presidential mission occurred in September 2003 with a delegation to Cuba. Since then we have sponsored a presidential delegation to Morocco, South Africa and Chile.

    • International Friendly Campus
      We discussed with Education USA and surveyed the Department of State REACs (regional educational advising coordinators) to create a model called International Friendly Campus. A UHL that will assist Overseas Advisors in identifying AASCU campuses that have the infrastructure to serve international students. Through the portal the advisor should be able to land on an international page that will assist in provide necessary information to assist the student select an appropriate AASCU institution to study. Additionally, when complete we will link with other Ministries of Education in a variety of countries

    • AASCU/Liberia Initiative
      We are exploring additional opportunities for our campuses through initial contacts in Liberia. Since 2006, at the request of the Liberian Government, AASCU has been working with the Ministry of Education to reconstruct the higher education system, following 14 years of civil war and conflict. For the past two years we have conducted a National Faculty Development Summer Institute on the campus of the University of Liberia for research/teaching assistants and senior faculty.

    • Arlene Jackson
      Associate Vice President,
      Global Initiatives
      (202) 478-7834
    • Sufei Li
      National Coordinator for AASCU-CCIEE CHEPD Program
      Liaison Officer for CCIEE/CEAIE US Programs
      (571) 203-8620 (w)
      (571) 594-6668 (c)
    • Jody Dixon
      Program Coordinator,
      Global Initiatives
      (202) 478-7814