AASCU Pell Action and Resource Center

 The AASCU Pell Action and Resource Center is a new information resource for those who support the Federal Pell Grant program as a critical student aid resource enhancing higher education access and affordability.    

 The Pell Grant Program is the largest federal education program with an approximate $35 billion ($33.5 billion in AY ’11-’12) annual cost. More than nine million students receive awards under this program. Support from AASCU presidents and chancellors will be essential if changes, cuts, or new Pell eligibility rules are proposed. Debt reduction actions in 2011 have already affected students who benefited from previous year-round Pell provisions. Some Congressional discussions threaten to make significant changes to the program.     

 We believe the message that Pell makes a difference and works needs to be clearly and continually conveyed. Information that can be retrieved from this Web page assists in that endeavor. This includes the history, eligibility requirements, financial structure, and salient public policy issues related to the Pell Grant program. It will contain links to news, research, talking points, and a variety of advocacy tools to help our members stay engaged in debate and work to protect Pell from cuts as calls for reform continue.    

 Another AASCU informational effort is available on our   Members Only  Web page. It consists of a five-year historical data compilation for each AASCU member institution/system showing student enrollment and Pell Grant funding for each institution/system alongside Pell Grant funding comparisons for all public institutions and all higher education institutions in each state.    

 Armed with the information from the Pell Action and Resource Center and specific information directly related to their institutions/system and state, AASCU members will be able to make informed contacts with their policymakers to show the impact of potential Pell Program reform.      

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