Selected State Higher Education Publications


Funding Model for Arizona Higher Educatiom (View PDF)
MGT of America
June 2011

2020 Vision: The Arizona University System Five-Year Strategic Plan 2010-2014 (View PDF)
The Arizona Board of Regents
November 2008


Access to Success: Increasing Arkansas’s College Graduates Promotes Economic Development (View PDF
Arkansas Task Force on Remediation, Retention, and Graduation Rates
August 2008


The Road Ahead: Higher Education, California's Promise, and Our Future Economy (View PDF)
California Competes
June 2012

California's Economic Payoff: Investing in College Access and Completion (View PDF)
Campaign for College Opportunity
April 2012

Californians and Higher Education (View PDF)
PPIC Statewide Survey
November 2011

Dollars and Sense: Analysis of Spending and Revenue Patterns to Inform Fiscal Planning for California Higher Education (View PDF)
Institute for Higher Education Leadership and Policy
September 2011

The Master Plan at 50: Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts --- Coordinating Higher Education in California (View PDF)
California Legislative Analyst's Office
January 2010

The Master Plan at 50: Assessing California's Vision for Higher Education (View PDF)
California Legislative Analyst Office
November 2009

Closing the Gap: Meeting California's Need for College Graduates (View PDF)
Public Policy Institute of California
April 2009


2009 Legislative Report on Remedial Education (View PDF)
Colorado Commission on Higher Education
February 2010

The Impact of Higher Education On the State of Colorado (View PDF)
Colorado Department of Higher Education
December 2007


Connecticut Public Higher Education 2009 System Trends (View PDF)
State of Connecticut-Department of Higher Education
May 2009

Higher Education: Building Connecticut's Workforce (View PDF)
State of Connecticut-Department of Higher Education
April 2009


        Complete College Georgia: Georgia's Higher Education Completion Plan 2012 (View PDF)
        University System of Georgia
        November 2011


Closing the Talent Gap: A Business Perspective - What Florida Needs from its Talent Supply Chain (View PDF)
Florida Council of 100
January 2010

Proposing a Blueprint for Higher Education in Florida: Outlining the Way to a Long-Term Master Plan for Higher Education in Florida (View PDF
Florida Board of Governors
January 2007

Strategic Plan: 2005-2013 (View PDF)
Florida Board of Governors
June 2005 


Reducing Barriers to Postsecondary Education (View PDF)
Report to the Idaho Legislature
January 2012

Idaho Public Higher Education Fact Sheet (View PDF)
Idaho Board of Education
January 2011 


Higher Education Finance Study Commission Report (View PDF)
Illinois Board of Higher Education
December 2010


Reaching Higher: Strategic Direction for Indiana 
Indiana Commission of Higher Education
June 2007


World Class on a Shoestring Budget? (View PDF)
The Iowa Policy Project
July 2011

Connecting Higher Education with the Future of Iowa (View PDF)
The National Center for Higher Education Management Systems
October 2008


University of Hawaii System Strategic Outcomes and Performance Measure, 2008-2015 (View PDF)
University of Hawaii System
May 2008


Kansas State Report (View PDF)
Midwestern Higher Education Compact
January 2013

The Impact of the Kansas Board of Regents System to the State's Economy (View PDF)
Kansas Board of Regents
March 2011

Foresight 2020: A Strategic Agenda for Kansas Higher Education (View PDF)
Kansas Board of Regents
September 2010   


College Still Pays (View PDF)
Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education
January 2013

Stronger by Degrees: 2015 Performance Targets (View PDF)
Presentation to Kentucky Postsecondary Council
September 2011

Realizing Kentucky's Educational Attainment Goal: A Look in the Rear View Mirrow and Down the Road Ahead (View PDF)
National Center for Higher Education Management Systems
September 2011

The Final Report of the Higher Education Work Group (View PDF)
Higher Education Work Group
November 2009

Expanding College Access and Affordability in the Commonwealth (View PDF)
Higher Education Work Group Commissioned by Gov. Steven Beshear
January 2009


Targeting Financial Aid for Improved Student Retention Outcomes (View PDF)
Noel-Levitz/American Institutes for Research
October 2011

University of Louisiana Economic and Community Impact (View PDF)
University of Louisiana System
April 2009

Master Plan for Public Postsecondary Education in Louisiana-Draft (View PDF)
Louisiana Board of Regents
March 2009


College Access and Persistence in Maine (View PDF)
Mitchell Institute
December 2011

The University of Maine System and the Future of Maine: The Final Report and the Implementation Plan of the New Challenges, New Directions Initiative (View PDF)
University of Maine System
September 2009


University System of Maryland: 2012 End of Session Report (View PDF)
University System of Maryland
April 2012

 Much Accomplished, Much at Stake: Performance and Policy in Maryland Higher Education (View PDF)
Institute for Research on Higher Education
February 2012

Powering Maryland Forward: USM Strategic Plan 2010-2020 (View PDF)
University System of Maryland
December 2010


Pulling the Plug on Michigan's Future: Why Draining Resources Hurt Tomorrow's Workforce (View PDF)
Michigan League for Human Services
August 2010

Michigan's Transition to a Knowledge-Based Economy: Third Annual Progress Report (View PDF)
Michigan Future, Inc. and the University of Michigan
May 2010


Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Strategic Plan 2010-2014 (View PDF)
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
June 2010 


Imperatives for Change: Building a Higher Education System for the 21st Century: A Coordinated Plan for the Missouri Higher Education System (View PDF)
Coordinating Board for Higher Education
July 2008

Higher Education Funding Task Force Report (View PDF)
Coordinating Board for Higher Education
June 2008


Montana University System Strategic Plan 2011 (View PDF)
Montana University System
December 2010


2011 Nebraska Higher Education Progress Report (View PDF)
Nebraska's Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education
March 2011

New Hampshire 

The Status of Higher Education in New Hampshire (View PDF)
New Hampshire Postsecondary Education Commission
February 2010


Shaping Nevada’s Future: What the State Can Do to Invest in College Access and Success (View PDF)
Institute for Higher Education Policy
November 2008

New Jersey 

Building Bridges Between Academic Institutions, Business and Government to Bring Innovation to the Marketplace (View PDF)
New Jersey Policy Research Organization
July 2010

How to Fix a Broken System: Funding Public Higher Education and Making It More Productive (View PDF)
Policy Research Institute for the Region/New Jersey Association of State Colleges and Universities
May 2010

New Jersey’s Strategic Plan for Higher Education: A Blueprint for Excellence (View PDF)
New Jersey Commission on Higher Education

New Mexico 

 State Master Plan for Higher Education: Building New Mexico's Future (View PDF)
New Mexico Higher Education Department

New York 

Report on Higher Education (View PDF)
Higher Education Committee-New York Senate
January 2013

Final Report of Findings and Recommendations (View PDF)
New York State Commission on Higher Education
June 2008

North Dakota 

2009-2013 North Dakota University System Strategic Plan and Objectives (View PDF)
North Dakota University System


          Need-based Financial Aid: A Tool for Supporting Ohio's Education and Workforce Goals (View PDF)
        Community Research Partners
        January 2013    

         An Enterprise University Plan for Ohio (View PDF)
         Ohio Board of Regents 
         August 2011       


Brain Gain 2008 (View PDF)
Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education


Educational Attainment in Oregon: Moving Toward 40-40-20 (View PDF)
Oregon University System

An Investment in Oregonians for Our Future: A Plan to 2025 for the Oregon University System (View PDF)
Oregon State Board of Higher Education
March 2007

Rhode Island 

Final Report of the Task Force on Groups Underrepresented in Rhode Island Public Higher Education (View PDF)
Rhode Island Board of Governors for Higher Education
November 2006

South Carolina 

South Carolina's Action Plan and the Knowledge Economy (View PDF)
South Carolina Higher Education Commission
September 2010

Higher Education in South Carolina: A Briefing on the State's Higher Education System (View PDF)
South Carolina Commission on Higher Education
March 2010

Leveraging Higher Education for a Stronger South Carolina (View PDF)
Higher Education Study Commission
March 2009

South Dakota 

South Dakota State Report (View PDF)
Midwestern Higher Education Compact
January 2013

Public Higher Education: Charting a Course for a Road Ahead (View PDF)
South Dakota Board of Regents
November 2010


The Earning Power of Recent Graduates From Tennessee's Colleges and Universities: How are graduates from different degree programs doing in the labor market? (View Webpage)
College Measures
October 2012

The Public Agenda for Tennessee Higher Education 2010-2015 (View PDF)
Tennessee Higher Education Commission
January 2011

Tennessee Board of Regents Strategic Plan 2010-2015 (View PDF)
Tennessee Board of Regents


Hard Choices Ahead: Performance and Policy in Texas Higher Education (View PDF)
The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education
April 2012

 A Framework for Advancing Excellence throughout the University of Texas System: Action Plan (View PDF)
University of Texas System
August 2011

Accelerated Plan For Closing the Gaps by 2015 (View PDF)
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
April 2010

Closing the Gaps by 2015: The Texas Higher Education Plan (View PDF)
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board


        Prosperity 2020 Survey Results (View PDF)
        Prosperity 2020
        August 2011

Higher Expectations for Vermont: The Sixty Percent Solution (View PDF)
Vermont Commission on Higher Education Funding
December 2009

Public Higher Education in Vermont: Maximizing the State's Investment (View PDF)
Governor's Task Force on Higher Education
November 2009

Vermont State Colleges: Strategic Priorities: 2010-2011 (View PDF)
Vermont State Colleges
August 2008


The Earning Power of Recent Graduates From Virginia's Colleges and Universities: How are graduates from different degree programs doing in the labor market? (View Webpage)
College Measures
October 2012

Study of the Economic Impact of Virginia Public Higher Education (View PDF)
Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service--University of Virginia
September 2009

Can Virginia lead the way in shaping a future of opportunity and prosperity in the knowledge-based global economy? (View PDF)
Grow by Degrees
June 2009

Advancing Virginia: Access, Alignment & Investment: The 2007-13 Strategic Plan for Higher Education in Virginia (View PDF)
State Council for Higher Education for Virginia


Funding Our Future: A Financial Blueprint for Strengthening Higher Education in Washington
Higher Education Funding Task Force (View PDF)
January 2011

The 2008 Strategic Master Plan for Higher Education in Washington (View PDF)
Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board
December 2007

West Virginia 

Educating West Virginia is Everyone's Business (View PDF)
West Virginia College Completion Task Force
May 2012

From Higher Education to Work in West Virginia in 2009 (View PDF)
West Virginia University
January 2011

Final Report of the PROMISE Scholarship Ad-Hoc Advisory Committee (View PDF)
West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission


A New Model for Change within the University of Wisconsin System (View PDF)
University of Wisconsin System
August 2011

Research to Jobs Task Force Report (View PDF)
University of Wisconsin System
September 2009

Addressing Opportunity in Wisconsin’s Four-Year Universities: A Comparative Analysis of State College Access Programs (View PDF)
Wisconsin Center for the Advancement of Postsecondary Education (WISCAPE)
January 2009

A Growth Agenda for Wisconsin: Growing People, Jobs, and Communities (View PDF)
University of Wisconsin System