Access to college means ensuring that all students who wish to pursue higher education have the opportunity to do so regardless of their socioeconomic, demographic, geographic or academic backgrounds. It includes the opportunity to earn admittance, experience a supportive environment during their studies and graduate prepared to succeed in the workplace and participate as a citizen of the world. AASCU believes that state and federal governments are vital to ensuring equal access to college. In partnership with the nation’s P-12 system, they have a responsibility to focus the most effective strategies for access and inclusion on the precollege years and work to reduce barriers in the transition from secondary to postsecondary education.

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  • State Early Commitment Programs: A Contract for College Success? - May 2009 (View PDF 
  • Enhancing College Student Success Through Developmental Education - August 2008 (View PDF 
  • In-State Tuition for Undocumented Immigrants: States' Rights and Educational Opportunity - August 2007 (View PDF)  
  • Tuition Discounting at AASCU Institutions - February 2007 (View PDF
  • High School Coursework: Policy Trends and Implications for Higher Education - July 2006 (View PDF
  • Addressing the Needs of Adult Learners - February 2006 (View PDF)
  • Preparing Students for Success in College - February 2005 (View PDF 
  • Developing Transfer and Articulation Policies That Make a Difference - July 2005 (View PDF)
  • Strengthening the Science and Mathematics Pipeline for a Better America - November/December 2005 (View PDF


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