• Voter Registration, Education and Participation

    American Democracy Project participating campuses have undertaken an array of voter projects and activities designed to increase the number of college and university students who will accept the most fundamental obligation of a citizen in a democracy – casting informed votes for candidates standing for public office. 

    The following is a collection of information, events, materials and toolkits intended to help college and university campuses involve students in local, state and national elections. 

    Upcoming Election Dates

    Midterm:  Tuesday, November 3, 2015
    Presidential:  Tuesday, November 8, 2016

    Voting Registration Information

    Involve Your Campus

    National Voter Registration logoWhat?  National Voter Registration Day
    When? September 22, 2015

    Election Education & Engagement Student Resources

    • Introduction to Political Parties (pdf)
    • Guide to Informed Voting (pdf)
    • Political Engagement Apps (pdf)
    • Voter Education Resources (pdf)

    Taking Action on Your Campus

    • Organizations/Resources to Help Engage Campuses (pdf)

    Visit the ADP Blog and read posts on voting. See what other colleges and universities have done to encourage their students to participate in elections.

    Click here to download a FREE ADP social media Election Day "I Voted" sticker. 
    You will also find a customizable version of it for your campus here.