• Going Global 2017

    Going Global 2017

    About the Conference

    Going Global is an open forum for global leaders of international education to discuss current issues. Since 2004, it has grown from a biennial event in the UK to an annual event alternating between the UK and major international cities. In addition to the platform for education world leaders to debate international higher and further education issues and challenges, and to discuss collaborative solutions, the event provides an opportunity for networking, and has become a fixture of the global education calendar. The conference consists of a series of collaborative sessions that focus on the year’s chosen themes.

    More than 1,200 leaders from 80 countries attend from across the tertiary (further and higher) education sectors and various other sectors with perspectives on international education attend each year.

    The conference provides a unique forum for exploring the latest developments and issues in international post-compulsory education. 

    Going Global 2017

    Going Global 2017 will take place from May 22-24 2017 at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London, UK. 

    This year’s overarching theme is "Global Cities: Connecting Talent, Driving Change." The diverse range of conference sessions will explore how universities and colleges support city-regional economies and social and civic engagement, connecting the world's cities to global knowledge and talent and addressing global challenges. 

    The theme will be examined through four lenses:

    • Research and innovation: a focus on how international collaborations provide cities with access to the world class knowledge and connections needed to grow and sustain their innovation and creativity; how, from urban anchors, institutions are developing as dynamic global ‘multipliers’ connecting cities, businesses and communities globally

    • Talent development and flows: how institutions’ role in producing highly skilled local, national and international talent facilitates the global flow and maintenance of international networks of influential alumni fostering the success of cities; how the life of students in multinational cities impacts their personal career journeys, contributing to the diverse communities they join 

    • Societies and communities: how institutions’ understanding of social challenges and social change across the world contributes to international debates around the winners and losers inherent in the growth of cities; how, as global connectors, they can engage local students, citizens and communities in building a connected global civic society able to deliver wider equity and prosperity 

    • Leadership: how, as part of the leadership of cities, tertiary institutions contribute to the global positioning and influence of cities, to their diversity; how their leadership connects international with national and local policy initiatives

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