• Global Civic Literacy

    Global Civic Literacy is an ADP initiative in partnership with World101 from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) designed to help students increase their knowledge of our global society and understand how global issues influence lives of everyday citizens. This initiative includes three major projects, to be discussed in greater detail below:

    1. Global Civic Literacy cohort project
    2. World101 Summit
    3. Global Literacy Talks

    Global Civic Literacy cohort project

    The Global Civic Literacy cohort project offers ADP faculty and International Program staff the unique opportunity to collaborate and explore possibilities for providing an engaging and accessible pathway for students to build global civic literacy. Participants have access to the deep library of World101 content and to the CFR Education team. Participants collaborate in the development of campus curricular and cocurricular activities that utilize World101 to build global literacy. Individuals at the participating institutions form a community of practice, working together to exchange ideas and develop effective strategies, as well as providing support across institutional roles. Participants provide updates and reflections on activities during interaction with CFR and ADP throughout the project, share materials that showcase how World101 is being utilized on their campuses, and present their work in this project to a wider audience.

    The World101 Toolkit, produced by the 2020-2021 cohort, demonstrates the diversity, range, and impact that this program provides to our members. 

    World101 Summit

    The World101 Summit explored the myriad of ways that faculty and staff teams from ADP campuses have collaborated to design and implement curricular and co-curricular programming to deepen student learning using World101 from the Council on Foreign Relations, a free resource established as a means to understand our role in the interdependent global society. This Summit provided a place to hear from faculty & staff, as well as a place to discuss additional ways to deepen global civic knowledge.

    →  Access the Recording of the Summit
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    Global Literacy Talks

    Join us for lively facilitated conversations filled with civil discourse and, most importantly, your voice. → Read More