• Webinars and Institutes

    In addition to our annual Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement conferences, ADP frequently hosts various professional development webinars and institutes. Below you'll find archived materials and recordings from past webinars and institutes.

    Not Politics as Usual: World War Zero, a Conversation With Former Secretary of State John Kerry and Former Governor John Kasich (September 9, 2020)

    World101: Strategies & Resources for Teaching in an Interdependent Global Society (May 7, 2020)

    Walking our Talk: Converting Civic-Focused Mission Statements to Student Learning Webinar (February 28, 2018)  

    Engaged Campus Institute and Bonus Carnegie Academy (November 3-4, 2017)

    Teaching Civic Engagement Across the Disciplines (November 1, 2017)

    Student Summit on Social Mobility (March 25-26, 2017)

    Civic Competency and Engagement: Building an Impactful Assessment Process (March 22, 2017)

    Making Sense of Campus Democratic Engagement Initiatives (February 28, 2017)

    Engage the Election 2016 (Webinar Series)

    • Graduating Students into Voters: Overcoming the Psychological Barriers Faced by Student Voters and Improving Student Voting Rates Using Insights from the Behavioral Sciences (September 7, 2016)     

    • Voter Registration & Campus Technology: Engaging Student Voters by the Thousands (August 24, 2016)

    • Walk2Vote: Student Empowerment through Civic Engagement (July 28, 2016)

    • National Study of Learning, Voting & Engagement (NSLVE) (March 30, 2016)

    • Becoming a Voter-Friendly Campus (March 2, 2016)