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    When AASCU receives status reports and information about campus assistance opportunities they will be posted on this Here for U.S. Virgin Islands site.

    The following AASCU member is located in the U.S. Virgin Islands:

    • University of the Virgin Islands
      • UVI Rise Relief Fund
        In the wake of Hurricane Irma, The University of the Virgin Islands has announced the creation of the UVI Rise Relief Fund. Substantial damage was sustained throughout the St. Thomas Campus and St John Academic Center, impacting classes and normal operations. The UVI Rise Relief Fund will provide assistance to students, faculty and staff who were impacted by the storm. Here are some more specific needs the fund will support:
        • Students who have lost their jobs and can no longer pay for tuition or living expenses
        • Food, clothes and support students and staff who have lost their homes, cars and other necessities
        • Temporary shelter for family members of students, faculty and staff who lost their homes
        • Laptop computers for all commuter students who have limited access to off campus technology resources
        • Ice machines and laundry facilities for staff, faculty and students to use on campus
      • University Needs and Support
        We are asking our educational partners, friends and donors to contribute funds or make in-kind contributions that will assist with the immediate challenge of resuming campus operations. Below is a list of critical items that can be supported:
        • Replace the satellite disc that was used to secure the Tom Joyner Morning Show on WUVI. We cannot carry the show any longer because the entire satellite disc was destroyed.
        • Dell computers for the library, and computers for faculty and staff 
        • Dell computers, servers and other IT infrastructure that were damaged or destroyed
        • Licenses for ScreenCast-O-Matic to assist faculty in recording lectures for students without easy access to campus
        • Pens/wacom boards for faculty who need to show procedural work in math and science areas
        • Funds and equipment to convert our courses to an online platform
        • Trailers that can be used to replace offices and classroom that were lost in various buildings
        • Storage containers for recovered equipment and furniture
        • Security and maintenance vehicles to replace those destroyed or damaged
        • Lighting on campus that was destroyed, in order to conduct night classes
        • Funds to help create a program for high school seniors who may lose significant time in school this year and thus not able to graduate without some creative educational intervention

    Last Updated September 25, 2017