• AASCU Leadership Development: Principles Across Programs

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    There are thousands of books and millions of words written about leadership. And if your inbox-both print and electronic-are an indication, there are almost as many educational offerings that focus on leadership. So the question is, "Which leadership development program is right for you?"

    If you lead or aspire to lead a state college or university, the answer is simple: leadership programs offered by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU).

    AASCU's approach is one of "principles across programs." Whether you are an administrator striving to become a provost, or a provost considering a presidency or a president-new or experienced-seeking a foundation for leadership, the principles by which AASCU grounds its leadership development programs remain the same. And you are the beneficiary.

    AASCU's programs are not a one size fits all. At AASCU, the principle of leadership development is to invest in individual careers; the goal is to begin where you are and to help you get to a place where you can enhance your success. Our programs are grounded in experience as well as theory-the programs are practical and immediately useful to participants. A key principle is that you are provided the opportunity to network with your peers and to learn from others in similar institutions who are contending with similar issues

    Participants leave AASCU leadership development programs with a plan of action and a system of accountability in place for follow up; in addition participants have the opportunity to reflect on their work as well as the higher education landscape-both valuable components of AASCU's leadership development.

    Leaders of state colleges and universities need an exceptional skill set to be successful in the complex and challenging landscape that is public higher education today. AASCU's "principles across programs" offers the best approach for those who wish to lead.

    AASCU has offered leadership development since its founding more than 50 years ago. One of the characteristics that makes AASCU distinctive is its primary focus on and support for the president or chancellor and his or her senior leadership team. We are dedicated to the goal of building and enhancing leadership for public higher education, especially those who serve as leaders of state colleges and universities. Our programming is grounded in our values and focused on presidential success (including preparation for the presidency, orientation and development for new presidents, programming for experienced presidents and spouse/partner programming.)

    Leadership Development Programs

    Academy for New Provosts

    The Academy for New Provosts is a yearlong program to support newly appointed provosts as they begin their roles as academic leaders of institutions. Features of the program include content delivered by national experts on topics of relevance to provosts at AASCU institutions; individual, active mentoring by an experienced senior provost; and a supportive network of AASCU provosts who are also beginning their roles.

    The program runs from September 2020–July 2021, with monthly virtual meetings throughout the year and a face-to-face meeting scheduled for 2021. The inaugural cohort is limited to 15 provosts in their first or second years. If you have questions about the Academy for New Provosts, please contact Terry Brown, vice president for Academic Innovation and Transformation, at brownt@aascu.org.

    Emerging Leaders Program

    The Emerging Leaders Program is designed for early to mid-career professionals and faculty leaders who have an interest in and talent for higher education leadership and who want to advance their careers in administration. The 3-day seminar offers participants the opportunity to engage in a national dialogue with experienced leaders and experts in higher education and to develop a network of colleagues from around the country. The program includes opportunities for hands-on practical exercises, a leadership self-assessment, and the development of a plan designed to achieve their leadership goals. Candidates for this program are individuals seeking to enhance their leadership skills and self-awareness and who will have demonstrated to campus leaders the potential for advancement. Presidents, chancellors and cabinet-level administrators are encouraged to support or solicit the nomination of high potential candidates for the 2017 program. Read more

    Becoming a Provost Academy

    The Academy prepares experienced deans, assistant or associate provosts, and other academic affairs senior administrators whose next position is provost or chief academic officer. The Academy program consists of a yearlong series of learning experiences that will prepare participants for the work of a provost/chief academic officer; each participant and his or her mentor individually design the experiential learning plan. Read more

    Executive Leadership Academy

    This executive program prepares experienced and sitting cabinet officers for presidencies through a yearlong series of learning experiences in the work of the presidency; each participant and his or her mentor individually design the experiential learning plan. Read more

    Millennium Leadership Initiative

    A groundbreaking program when it was launched more than 21 years ago, the Millennium Leadership Initiative (MLI) is a leadership development program that provides individuals traditionally underrepresented in the highest ranks of higher education the opportunity to develop skills, gain a philosophical overview and build the network needed to advance to the presidency. This competitive and rigorous program provides a professional development experience-through an institute and a mentoring component-that will enhance participants' opportunities for success. Read more

    New Presidents Academy

    This leadership development program is specifically for new presidents and chancellors of AASCU colleges and universities, and is designed to ensure success for them and their campuses. The Academy focuses broadly on both the strategic and tactical challenges inherent in these leadership positions through content that is grounded in experience and theory. The Academy also features a mentoring component. Read more

    Experienced Presidents Retreat

    This retreat recognizes the leadership complexities and challenges with which the state college or university leader must deal. It offers the president or chancellor guided discussions and exercises that focus on achievements and disappointments, future goals and aspirations, new tools and strategies. This occurs in a setting that offers the opportunity for small-group reflection and conversation with other presidents and chancellors. Read more

    Spouse/Partners Program

    AASCU offers professional development and leadership programming to serve the unique needs of spouses and partners. Read more

    Student Success Institute for Provosts

    The Student Success Institute (SSI) for Provosts will create a cohort of 25 provosts at AASCU member institutions, providing the most current and relevant expertise on promising practices in both student success and institutional transformation. Throughout the program, fellows will have the opportunity to build a strong and supportive network of peers, learn from leading experts in the field, and develop a cadre of critical skills necessary for leading institutional change. A key component of the program is the opportunity to reflect on one’s own practice, sometimes alone and sometimes in a small group of peers. The cost of participation for the first year of the program will be fully subsidized by grant funding provided by Ascendium Education Group. There will be no program fee charged to fellows of the first cohort. Read more

    AALIAASCU's leadership development programs are sponsored in partnership with the American Academic Leadership Institute (AALI). Visit www.americanali.org/ for more information.