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Middle Tennessee State University (2011)


Brief Description:

Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), which is celebrating its centennial year in 2011-12, is the No. 1 choice of undergraduate students in Tennessee. With an enrollment of more than 26,000 as of Fall 2010 and a graduation rate at almost 53 percent, MTSU is the most efficient producer of undergraduates among Tennessee’s public universities, based on funding per student from the state. A comprehensive, doctoral degree-granting university, MTSU occupies 515 acres at the geographic center of Tennessee in Murfreesboro, about 30 miles southeast of Nashville, the state capital. MTSU is the leading producer of college graduates in the Middle Tennessee market, with more than 60 percent of its alumni living within an hour’s drive of Murfreesboro. An economic engine in the volunteer state, MTSU adds not only educational and cultural value to Tennessee, but also stimulates a vibrant business environment for the region. A recent study by the Business and Economic Research Center estimated that MTSU’s economic impact on Middle Tennessee was nearly $1 billion.

Mission Statement:

MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY MISSION STATEMENT Middle Tennessee State University unites the closeness of a small college with the opportunities of a large dynamic public university where students explore their intellectual potential and realize the promise in their futures. Grounding students in the arts and sciences, the University offers an integrated, technological, innovative education that prepares leaders for the economic, political, civic, and social life of the region and beyond. The University is dedicated to promoting openness and educating a diverse student body from across the nation and around the world through comprehensive undergraduate and select masters and doctoral programs. MTSU prepares students to live productively and to become lifelong learners; to employ scientific knowledge and an understanding of culture and history; to think logically, critically, and creatively; to communicate clearly; to make sound judgments; to acquire working knowledge of a discipline or group of related disciplines; and to participate as citizens in the global community. The MTSU community creates knowledge through research and uses scholarship to enhance teaching and public service. The University fosters an environment conducive to learning and personal development; recruits exceptional faculty and maintains support services to assist instruction; provides resources to encourage research, creative activity, and service; develops individual, corporate, and public support; encourages excellence in athletics and recreational activities; establishes academic partnerships that support student-centered learning; works continually to strengthen and enhance the academic core; and supplies resources to accomplish its mission. A major public institution of higher learning, MTSU is a member of the State University and Community College System of Tennessee. Vision The Academic Master Plan creates a strategic blueprint that defines the University’s vision, underscoring MTSU’s commitment to leadership in higher education and to building Tennessee’s future. It commits the University to achieving excellence in academics and to advancing student-centered learning. To this end, the University employs emerging technologies while honoring a sense of community, history, and tradition. Selective new academic programs strengthen partnerships with appropriate constituencies.

President's Quote:

During the 2011-12 academic year, we will have a year-long observance involving the entire University community to celebrate the founding of Middle Tennessee State University. The University was founded on Sept. 11, 1911, and is the oldest and largest institution in the Tennessee Board of Regents System. Bob Lamb, class of 1969 and former member of the MTSU Foundation Board, is chair of the Centennial Committee, which has been hard at work for over a year planning and preparing for this very significant birthday. The celebration will include a Centennial website (, a Centennial Facebook page, as well as other social media offerings, and alumni and friends of MTSU are encouraged to visit all of these sites. The Centennial website will include a historical timeline for viewers to revisit dates throughout the decades starting with the founding. There will be a scrapbook section with vintage photographs and videos. New content will be regularly added to the site, as well as announcements of new upcoming events throughout 2011. A countdown clock will also be part of the site and will countdown the days, hours and minutes to the Blue Tie Gala, which will kick off the celebration on Sept. 9, 2011. During 2011, the University will also establish the Centennial Scholars program, which along with the existing Buchanan and Presidential Scholar programs, will provide MTSU students with one of the most competitive scholarship offerings in the region. Everyone in the MTSU community, even alumni and friends who may have strayed far away from the University, are invited to post or send photographs or messages of their MTSU days to be included on one of the Celebration sites. If you have questions about the University Centennial celebration, or want to contact a member of the committee, please e-mail to:


  • Kellee Edmonds
    Vice President of Communications and Public Relations
    (202) 478-4662