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Colorado State University-Pueblo (2011)

Brief Description:

Colorado State University-Pueblo is a premier mid-sized, public university within a world-class university system that advances the social, cultural and economic development of the region.  The University enrolls more than 4,600 students in 26 undergraduate programs with approximately 510 full-time faculty and staff.


The 275-acre campus, which overlooks the Front Range of south central Colorado, is located in Pueblo, one of the more culturally dynamic regions of the country.  Pueblo County, an ethnically and culturally diverse population of more than 150,000 people, offers numerous art and cultural attractions as well as recreational options for the outdoor enthusiast.   

CSU-Pueblo is considered the fastest growing university in Colorado with Fall 2008 enrollment up nearly 12 percent, including a 65 percent in the number of freshmen, the largest freshmen class in the history of the University.  

Because the University is committed to diversity and has made educational equity for students one of its highest priorities, it will be honored by the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities as the 2008 Outstanding HACU-member Institution.  It is a federally designated Hispanic Serving Institution, meaning that 25 percent of its student body is of Hispanic descent and of low-income status.   On Oct. 3, we hosted a Town Hall meeting by Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain in our newly renovated Massari Arena.  

The CSU-Pueblo campus landscape  has changed dramatically in the last two years with a $12 million renovation to its athletic and academic facility (Massari Arena), a Student Recreation Center ($10 million) , Student Recreation Field, the Neta and Eddie DeRose ThunderBowl football and track stadium ($13 million), and phase one ($15 million) of a three-phase residence hall project. A $24 million renovation to the University Library will begin in January, 2009.   

It also recently became home to one of the largest solar array projects on a college campus in the nation, a three-acre project on the northeast edge of campus, which will provide up to 10 percent of the University’s utilities needs.  The 1+ megawatt CSU-Pueblo solar system will generate enough solar-generated electricity to power 225 homes. It will abate approximately 1,600 tons of carbon dioxide, or the equivalent of removing 330 cars from the roadways or more than four million vehicle miles traveled. The University installed a smaller 6 kilowatt solar system last year on its Technology Building.


Mission Statement:

Colorado State University-Pueblo is committed to excellence, setting the standard for regional comprehensive universities in teaching, research and service by providing leadership and access for its region while maintaining its commitment to diversity.

President's Quote:

“Given the less than prime economic conditions of the era in which we were founded -- the Depression, the 1929 Stock Market crash, the 1921 flood-- it truly is astounding to witness the foresight and hope this community had in wanting to make a better world for generations to come,” said CSU-Pueblo President Joseph Garcia.   “While we anxiously anticipate the many projects slated for completion in 2008, we also should take time to reflect on the people and events that have shaped who we are today,” said Garcia. “We are a better community and a better world because of the many social, cultural, and educational opportunities we offer and because of the significant contributions our graduates have made since earning their degrees.” - President Joseph Garcia

Fun Facts:

  • Distinguished faculty include Olympic Triathlete Coach and exercise science faculty member George Dallam; Engineering professor Jude DePalma, co-inventor of a heart monitor that is more effective in detecting coronary artery disease in real time than a conventional electrocardiograph (ECG); Bill Brown, one of 300 international physicists collaborating on the Pierre Auger Cosmic Ray Observatory project; Richard Hansen, environmental artist, whose work appears worldwide from South Shore Park in Milwaukee, Wisc., to Arlington, Va., and Silver Spring, Md. 
  • CSU-Pueblo is one of only three schools in the nation to offer a degree in mechatronics, which combines electrical and mechanical engineering. 

  • The Malik and Seeme Hasan School of Business ranks among the top 15 percent of all business schools internationally because of the unconditional accreditation of both its undergraduate and graduate degree programs in business administration by the AACSB International Board of Directors.

  • Graduation Incentive. Colorado students who sign a contract and graduate in four years could receive more than just a diploma when they cross the stage. CSU-Pueblo students can enter a contract which could reward them with an incentive check of up to $1500 if they graduate in four years. This plan requires students to declare a major and sign an agreement upon entering CSU-Pueblo, complete a minimum of 120 hours of CSU-Pueblo coursework, and fulfill all graduation requirements within four years of matriculation.


Notable Alumni:

  •  Notable alumni include White House Press Secretary Dana Perino (’93); Brigadier General Roger Mathews (’78) Deputy Commanding General for Operations, U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command;   Colorado GOP Chairman Dick Wadhams (’82), Loren Blaney (’74), co-inventor of the Mars Rover



Being able to do undergraduate research is an opportunity that is difficult to find at large universities. Here at CSU-Pueblo, there is a place for you to do research if you are willing to work. 
-- Hollie Vigil (senior, biology major), ‘09  

If you have any idea of what you want to do, you can literally hit the ground running. You can walk in the first day of class and immediately be on the air. . .there’s a lot of experiential learning that takes place here.  
-- Chris Garcia (junior, mass communications) ’10, operations manager, student-run radio station, Rev 89   

I can safely say that all of my jobs with Ford Motor Company have called on the various skills and knowledge base that grew from my studies and experiences at CSU-Pueblo.
-- John Centa, ‘99   

“I definitely had a leg up on the competition. I hadn’t spent all my undergraduate hours in the classroom, but actually working.  What a fantastic group of professors. They really take an interest in you, and they continue to be supportive after you graduate.” 
-- Dana Perino, ’93, White House Press Secretary 


  • Kellee Edmonds
    Vice President of Communications and Public Relations
    (202) 478-4662