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University of Arkansas at Monticello (2009)

Brief Description:

As one of the few remaining open admissions universities in the region, the University of Arkansas at Monticello is proud of its heritage of offering educational opportunities to the people of Arkansas.

Founded in 1909 as the Fourth District Agricultural School, UAM begins its centennial year with a renewed commitment to meeting the challenges of higher education in the 21st century.

UAM currently offers the bachelor of science degree in 13 fields, the bachelor of arts degree in eight major areas, the associate (two-year) degree in arts and applied sciences, and master’s degrees in forestry and education to a student body of more than 3,400 students. UAM also offers technical education at its College of Technology in Crossett and McGehee.

Through education, research and public service, the University of Arkansas at Monticello is continuing its commitment to providing educational opportunities to the people of the state, region and nation.


Mission Statement:

The mission the University of Arkansas at Monticello shares with all universities is the commitment to search for truth and understanding through scholastic endeavor. The University seeks to enhance and share knowledge, to preserve and promote the intellectual content of society, and to educate people for critical thought. The University provides learning experiences that enable students to synthesize knowledge, communicate effectively, use knowledge and technology with intelligence and responsibility, and act creatively within their own and other cultures.

The University strives for excellence in all its endeavors. Educational opportunities encompass the liberal arts, basic and applied sciences, selected professions, and vocational/technical preparation. These opportunities are founded in a strong program of general education and are fulfilled through contemporary disciplinary curricula, certification programs, and vocational/technical education or workforce training. The University assures opportunities in higher education for both traditional and non-traditional students and strives to provide an environment that fosters individual achievement and personal development.

The University of Arkansas at Monticello seeks to fulfill its mission by:

  1. Offering quality educational opportunities in the form of master’s, baccalaureate, and associate degree preparation, as well as certification in a variety of vocational/technical programs, or workforce training;

  2. Offering a well-rounded program of general education designed to broaden and enrich students’ awareness of the world around them;

  3. Providing contemporary curricula which prepare students for careers in selected fields, for personal development, and for meeting societal needs;

  4. Strengthening students’ capabilities as thoughtful contributors to society by encouraging them to take personal responsibility and seeking the benefits of life-long learning;

  5. Providing support programs which increase the probability of success for those students needing additional academic preparation to meet college standards;

  6. Assisting students in developing interpersonal skills needed by responsible and productive members of society;

  7. Providing viable programs of public service, continuing education in selected areas, and cooperative programs with other educational institutions;

  8. Promoting research programs which strengthen the institution and contribute new information to the existing body of knowledge and the extension of knowledge to serve the public;

  9. Providing cultural and aesthetic experiences that will serve to enhance appreciation of the arts;

  10. Maintaining regional and national recognition of the institution and its academic and technical programs by continuing to meet the standards of accrediting bodies, available but yet to be achieved; and

  11. Preparing students to live and work in a technological and global society.


President's Quote:

“UAM has a history and a heritage of providing true opportunities for a lot of people,” says Lassiter. “That is what has made us successful. I want to keep those doors open and insure educational opportunities for future generations.” -- Chancellor Jack Lassitert

Fun Facts:

Year Founded:
1909 (First classes Sept. 14, 1910)

Joined the University of Arkansas System July 1, 1971
(Was known originally as the Fourth District Agricultural School before becoming Arkansas A&M College in 1928)

School Mascot:  Boll Weevils (men); Cotton Blossoms (women)

How UAM Became the Boll Weevils:
The UAM Boll Weevil is one of the most unusual mascots in college athletics and the subject of much confusion (mostly among Yankees!). The Boll Weevil is a small gray insect that can wipe out a cotton crop in the blink of an eye. When UAM was founded in 1909, cotton was still king in Arkansas and the Boll Weevil was the more feared pest in the South. UAM’s early students, most the sons and daughters of delta cotton planters, selected the Boll Weevil as their mascot in admiration of its toughness, its persistence, and the fear it caused whenever its name was mentioned. It’s been said that the Boll Weevil is the only thing tough enough to ever truly lick the South.

Only At UAM:
UAM has the only School of Forest Resources in Arkansas and is also home to one of the nation’s leading programs in spatial information systems.


Notable Alumni:


  • Frank Hickingbotham, Founder, TCBY Enterprises, Inc.
  • Larry Lacewell, Retired Coach and Director of Scouting, Dallas Cowboys
  • Paul Carter, Executive Vice President, Wal-Mart


  • Kellee Edmonds
    Vice President of Communications and Public Relations
    (202) 478-4662