Presidential Forum - 2012 Annual Meeting

Presidential Forum: Accountability, Access and Equity: A View to the Future

Forces in higher education that are driving policymakers to look for ways to measure institutional performance and hold colleges and universities accountable for results are stronger than ever. The national Completion Agenda is focused on increasing the number of college graduates in the U.S. The public is concerned about the rising costs of higher education and increasing student debt loads. Parents, graduates and trustees are questioning the quality and relevance of college curricula and the value of a college education. The result is that some policymakers have implemented performance funding models as a tool to foster change and improve institutional outcomes.
This session’s panel of higher education policy experts will address issues involving accountability, access and equity. Kevin Dougherty will share his findings on the impact of performance funding on institutional outcomes, and Kim Hunter Reed will report on proposed “input-based” outcome measures and how high stakes accountability measures can be better designed to consider the diversity of missions and the complexity of American higher education. Panel presentations will be followed by responses from university presidents working in states with performance funding formulas and a full Q&A session.

Presenters: Kevin Dougherty, Associate Professor of Higher Education and Senior Research Associate, Community College Research Center, Teachers College, Columbia University (N.Y.)
Kim Hunter Reed, Chief of Staff, Louisiana Board of Regents and Project Manager, Context for Success, HCM Strategists