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    Are you looking for an expert source on higher education for an upcoming article or speaking opportunity?
    The following are some of the specific topics and issues on which AASCU executives can provide expertise.  

    Perspectives on Our Nation’s State College & Universities (SCUs) 

    • How SCUs differentiate themselves from other four-year institutions of higher education 
    • Challenges and  opportunities facing SCUs (including Hispanic-Serving Institutions and Historically Black Colleges & Universities)
    • Why SCUs are particularly effective at supporting first generation, non-traditional and low-income student

    Ensuring Proper SCU Funding & Promoting College Affordability 

    • Value and benefits of a federal-state funding partnership 
    • Why SCUs are still an affordable higher education option
    • Unique programs offered by SCUs to make higher education affordable
    • How SCUs are preparing students to be financially savvy citizens

    Building Valuable Partnerships with Communities, States 

    • SCUs as contributors to workforce and economic development
    • SCUs assuming leadership roles during local crises
    • SCUs equipping students with the skills needed for the local economy

    Transforming Undergraduate Higher Education 

    • Re-Imagining the First Year of College
    • Promoting student success
    • Strategies for overcoming disparities in college graduation rates
    • Technology innovations in higher education

    Advancing the Cause of Democracy 

    • Nurturing students to become engaged global citizens and civic leaders
    • Benefits of student civic engagement
    • Student activation in elections
    • Addressing economic inequality and democracy

    Preparing Service Members and Veterans for the Civilian Workforce

    • How the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges program at many SCUs is benefiting members of the military
    • What SCUs are doing to help vets get properly trained for critical post-military careers