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    If you’re looking for a higher education option that offers diversity, non-traditional routes to a bachelor’s degree and engagement with the local community, state colleges and universities (SCUs) may be right for you.

    America’s SCUs serve more than 40 percent of today's students in higher education and are as diverse as the students and communities they serve. Among all public four-year institutions, SCUs educate about 48 percent of all minority students and 48 percent of all part-time students. Campuses range in size from just under 1,000 students to just over 60,000. SCUs can be found in the inner city, in suburbs, towns and cities, and in remote rural America. 

    We are institutions of opportunity, believing that the promise of access and success should be real for all Americans. SCUs are an affordable option, keeping net costs lower than most other four-year higher education institutions. We are student-focused, committed to programs and policies like “Re-Imagining the First Year of College”, which place students at the heart of their institution and emphasize student success. And we are “stewards of place,” engaging faculty, staff and students with the communities and regions they serve—helping to advance public education, economic development and quality of life.