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Sustainability and Sustainable Development

Healthy People, Healthy Planet Summer Camp & Community Project Incubator Slippery Rock University Project Description: SRU’s “Healthy Planet, Healthy People” summer camp will provide high school students with high impact, immersive environmental education experiences, while acting as a community environmental project incubator by providing seed money for projects of the students’ choosing.This program will fill the void in post-elementary school environmental education opportunities for young people, solidifying their interest in environmental stewardship and positively impacting their communities. Financial support from grants will provide incentives to the students’ teacher-coaches and make the summer camp very affordable to the students. The camp is scheduled to occur in June 2016. Read more >>

Net-Zero Energy Admissions Center (Lombardo Welcome Center) Millersville University Project Description: The Lombardo Welcome Center will house the Admissions, Marketing and Residence staff and serve approximately 10,000 visitors annually. The building will serve as an educational center for net-zero energy as well as net-zero water runoff design and construction. A key component of the building will be the atrium educational center that will be designed for interactive learning through a media touch screen wall and interactive demonstrations. Visitors will be able to monitor in real-time as well as over time, energy production and consumption in addition to rainwater runoff which is a critical issue facing the Chesapeake watershed. Read more >>

Sustainability Minor Program California State University, Northridge Project Description: At CSUN we offer students a Sustainability Minor where they learn the current and best practices for planetary sustainability on an individual, institutional, regional, and global level. This minor offers a broad education in sustainability from many different perspectives. The minor compliments most academic majors, and many of the courses offered within the program satisfy requirements or electives for other degree programs. The Sustainability Minor is located in the College of Humanities and under the Liberal Studies Program.  It requires 18 credit units to complete and includes three core requirements (9 units) in the concepts of sustainability and consideration of all factors: economic, environmental and social both in the short and long term.  These courses are SUST 300: Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Sustainability, SUST 310: Best Practices in Sustainability, and SUST 401: Applied Sustainability. Students are also required to take 9 units of electives. Read more >>

World’s Largest Installation of Filtered Fume Hoods Framingham State University Project Description: Framingham State University’s new science laboratory project represents the largest installation of filtered fume hoods in the world.  These fume hoods support Organic, Inorganic, Analytical, and Physical Chemistry teaching laboratories.  Installation of these filtered fume hoods reduced project construction costs, will reduce annual operating costs, and will have a significant sustainability impact as chemicals are no longer vented to the environment. Read more >>