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Black Hills State University’s Secondary Certification Program: Project SELECT Black Hills State University Project Description: Project SELECT is an innovative program dedicated to excellence in teacher preparation at the secondary level, with certification as its final outcome. Black Hills State University’s College of Education in South Dakota began offering this program with the first cohort in the fall of 2004. Project SELECT meets the needs of individuals who have been in the workforce in other professions and now desire to teach. From its inception, this program was designed to contribute to school improvement initiatives in high-needs schools. The program has been particularly successful in attracting high-quality candidates in mathematics and science. Read more >>

Culture Walks—Changing Pre-Service Teachers' Perceptions of Urban Communities University of Nebraska at Omaha Project Description: Culture Walks connect a large, public teacher preparation program with urban community and PK-12 partners to provide an experience intended to dispel urban school stereotypes commonly held by pre-service teachers. Funded by a small local grant and scheduled immediately prior to a 40 hour practicum in an urban school, Culture Walks annually bring over 250 pre-service teachers and program faculty members into urban neighborhoods. After listening to community leaders, meeting with school personnel, visiting local business and service agencies, and eating lunch catered by a neighborhood restaurant, pre-service teachers have an increased capacity to understand the urban education landscape. Read more >>

Meeting Unique Needs of an Urban School District through a University-School Partnership University of Nebraska at Omaha Project Description: The partnership is a grant-funded effort by the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) and Omaha Public Schools (OPS) to provide a Master’s in Reading degree tailored to OPS’s instructional framework with the goal of meeting students’ unique needs in the urban school environment. A blend of UNO faculty and OPS staff deliver the instruction to the teachers. This “theory into practice” collaborative project implements evidence-based strategies proven to increase PK-12 student literacy performance across content areas, as well as to expand the pool of knowledgeable literacy leaders to support students and other OPS teachers in their daily work. Read more >>

Transition to Mathematics and Science Teaching (TMAST) University of Central Florida Project Description: TMAST is designed to serve as an effective model for educational reforms proposed by both national and state agencies by providing central Florida schools with teacher leaders who initiate, implement and sustain mathematics and science reform efforts. It is an innovative, fast-track graduate program for STEM professionals who wish to transition into middle grade teaching. The program is funded through an endowment from the Lockheed Martin Corporation and is one of two programs in the Lockheed Martin/UCF Academy for Mathematics and Science (LMA), which is an education/industry/community-based partnership aimed at improving mathematics, science and technology education in Central Florida schools. The TMAST program also has had past and current funding from the Toyota Corporation and Boeing Corporation.   The TMAST program features:A master's degree with embedded certificate designed for completion in 4 semesters Accelerated, innovative classroom placement A cohort design to promote the development of a professional community Two semesters of  paid internship (clinical supervision experiences)Active, multi-layered mentoring that extends beyond graduation Considerable tuition support for those who qualify   Read more >>