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Enrollment Management

Maximizing Freshman Enrollment through Strategic Partnerships Colorado State University—Pueblo Project Description: After suffering a 31% drop over two years in the number of new freshmen, CSU-Pueblo engaged in a strategic partnership with Royall & Co. to help enhance recruitment efforts. Through this partnership, significant enrollment gains have been realized after just six months and the foundation for future success has been established. This new strategic approach to recruitment was initiated by the Vice President for Student Services and Enrollment Management and has full support from the University President and her cabinet. Existing funds for recruitment and marketing were reallocated to cover the cost of the partnership. Future enhancements currently underway include revising the web version of the application for admission to make it more user-friendly, implementing a communication campaign to actively collect enrollment deposits, and encouraging the submission of the FAFSA through engaging high school students and their parents in an affordability marketing initiative.   Read more >>