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Project Title:Co-Curricular TranscriptInstitution Name:State University of New York at New Paltz Innovation Category:Student Success Project Director:Linda J. Eaton, Associate Vice President for Student AffairsContact Information:(845)257-3261, kaczmarm@newpaltz.eduWebsite:http://www.newpaltz.edu/cct
Project Description:The Co-Curricular Transcript is a web-based official document where students can list their out-of-classroom experiences along with highlighting the desirable learning outcomes employers are seeking. To give the Co-Curricular Transcript an official “stamp of approval,” every experience that is submitted must be validated by a college employee.  This program is a collaborative effort between Student Activities, the Career Resource Center, Records and Registration with technical support of Computer Services.  This program, which is housed in the student web portal, was internally designed to allow for maximum flexibility and modification as the program grows.

  • Encourages and promotes thoughtful design to a student’s co-curricular experience
  • Allows students to develop a catalog of traditional co-curricular experiences and high impact learning experiences
  • Engages students by identifying learning outcomes that will prepare them for a future career search
  • Serves as a tool for academic and professional faculty to access information regarding a student’s engagement for the purpose of mentoring, advisement, and/or providing references
  • Student requests for their “official” Co-Curricular Transcript from the Office of Records and Registration has increased
  • The Co-Curricular Transcript is routinely identified by Career Counselors as an important document for students when seeking advisement for internship/job/graduate school
  • The Co-Curricular Transcript is a required application document for campus-wide student leadership positions
  • Continuous growth of registered database experiences that our students are able to list on their Co-Curricular Transcript
Challenges/Problems Encountered:During the first five years of the program, we identified student participation and faculty engagement as challenges. For student participation, we have moved from a cumbersome (via workshop attendance) enrollment process, to a process where all undergraduates are enrolled upon matriculation. This has allowed us to focus our energies on marketing and program promotion.  While our faculty were fundamentally impressed and supportive of the program, they were not always initiating the enrollment of academically related experiences.  We have modified the software to allow students to initiate the process, while maintaining the integrity of our sophisticated verification process. As a result, we have seen an increase in faculty awareness and engagement.   
Evaluation Approach:During the first few years of the program, we utilized student feedback to continually develop and improve technical aspects of the software.  This input also provided awareness to more campus experiences resulting in a broader more comprehensive database.  Most recently, we assessed the learning outcomes identified by our students for each experience, resulting in a second generation of outcomes that are more closely aligned with college-wide learning objectives and the essential learning outcomes identified by LEAP.
Potential for Replication:The software for this program was developed internally by our Computer Services unit.  This has allowed us to keep our cost relatively low and has allowed us flexibility to modify the program as needed.  For a campus to replicate this program, a commitment by multiple units (Student Activities, Records and Registration, Career Services, and Computer Services) is necessary.
Additional Resources:Mike Patterson, Director of Student Activities and Union Services (845)257-3025; pattersm@newpaltz.edu. Laura Schultz, Registrar (845)257-3102; schultzl@newpaltz.edu. Tim Roberson, Sr. Programmer (845)257-3140; robersont@newpaltz.edu.   
CEO-to-CEO Contact:Dr. Donald Christian , Presidentpresident@newpaltz.edu
(845) 257-3288
Date Published: Tuesday, August 18, 2015