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Project Title:Students Bringing Sustainable Change through the $100 Solution ProgramInstitution Name:Western Kentucky University (WKU) Innovation Category:Research and Regional Stewardship Project Director:Lindsey Ardrey, DirectorContact Information:(270) 745.3225, Lindsey.ardrey@wku.eduWebsite:http://www.the100dollarsolution.org/
Project Description:

 The $100 Solution™ has entered the psyche of students, faculty, and communities across the globe.  Using this service-learning model, students are partnering with communities, asking the question, “With one hundred dollars, how can we enhance the quality of your life?” Armed with the five core principles of partnership, reciprocity, capacity building, sustainability, and reflection, students are learning to erase superiority and work alongside community partners to improve neighborhoods.

As world headquarters of The $100 Solution™, the ICSR is home to service-learning courses mirroring this model. WKU students are active in creating positive change in the Bowling Green community. 

  • To teach students how to turn $100 into a world of change by meeting community-identified needs. 
  • To implement a model which requires partnership, reciprocity, capacity building, sustainability and reflection. Use of this model encourages global citizenship through civic and community engagement. 
  • To teach students to use their intellectual capital - skills and competencies developed in the classroom - to address social problems.
  • Students will improve the quality of life in those communities they encounter. 
  • Students will build their civic agency. 
  • Students will build sustainable partnerships for future public problem solving.
Challenges/Problems Encountered:Because many of the solutions to societal problems usually involve large amounts of money or fundraising, students are often initially intimidated by the process. Many times, students encounter unwilling partners, run into logistical barriers, or simply get frustrated by the process. However, the process of learning about community problem solving is the most important part of the program.
Evaluation Approach: Students and leaders are in a continual evaluation process. Each session involves a reflection period for students to discuss what they’ve learned and what are the next steps. Projects are evaluated on their success in following the five principles: partnership, reciprocity, capacity building, sustainability, and reflection.
Potential for Replication:The $100 Solution is replicable in any community around the globe. Training sessions are offered to teach those wanting to implement the program in their college or university.
CEO-to-CEO Contact:Gary A. Ransdell , Presidentpresident@wku.edu
(270) 745-4346
Date Published: Thursday, March 24, 2011