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Project Title:eMINTS and Beyond: Advancing Teaching and Learning through a P-20 Technology Partnership Institution Name:Lincoln University in Missouri Innovation Category:Research and Regional Stewardship Project Director:Sam Schnieders, Associate Professor of EducationContact Information:(573) 681-5201, schnies@lincolnu.eduWebsite:https://bluetigerportal.lincolnu.edu/web/dept.-of-education/emints
Project Description:A statewide collaborative technology initiative, eMINTS is an acronym for “Enhancing Missouri’s Instructional Networked Teaching Strategies.” The Lincoln University eMINTS and Beyond program was the first of its kind in the state to provide a certificate in technology to teacher education candidates.  eMINTS classes are held in dedicated computer labs. Instead of discarding older computers, the eMINTS program has evolved to include a refurbishment project that is mutually beneficial to computer science majors by offering them hands-on experiences in computer refurbishment and to mid-Missouri schools in need of computer equipment. The expanded program has positively impacted P-20 teaching and learning.
  • Provide eMINTS certification for teacher education candidates. Assessments include teacher candidates’ success rates in university courses, on state licensure examinations, and in the job market.
  • Provide computer science students with hands-on experiences in computer refurbishment. Evaluation measures include students’ successful completion of coursework, quality of the refurbished computers, and marketability of graduates.
  • Assist P-12 schools in the establishment of computer labs by donating refurbished computers. Indicators of success include the number of donated computers, the number of receiving schools, and the number of P-12 teachers and students impacted by the donations.
  • All graduates of Lincoln University teacher preparation programs are certified in the eMINTS program, and 100% of graduates who want to teach are offered teaching positions. 
  • Prospective employers report that the value-added component for computer science majors gives them an advantage in the job market.
  • To date, computers have been placed in the following mid-Missouri schools: California Elementary School, 24 units; New Bloomfield Elementary, 12 units; Russellville Elementary School, 12 units; and Osage County R1 (Chamois), 15 units.
Challenges/Problems Encountered:

As the project grew, one challenge was finding appropriate space for the computer science students to work on the computers. The solution was to locate the workspace in the Lincoln University Center for Innovative Instruction. Appropriate renovations were completed at the beginning of the spring 2011 semester.

Since most of the schools in the mid-Missouri area are in need of additional equipment, another challenge has been selecting the schools to receive the computers. The eMINTS director collaborates with school and district administrators to prioritize needs and to ensure distribution to a variety of geographical locations.   

Evaluation Approach:The eMINTS director coordinates the evaluation plan that assesses the impact of the eMINTS and Beyond program upon teacher education candidates, computer science students, and public school students. Quantitative data are collected on student achievement in education and computer science courses, and qualitative data on value-added components, such as the marketability of graduates and their performance in the workplace. Data are also gathered on the number of computers provided to schools and resulting cost savings.
Potential for Replication:The program can be easily replicated, even though the eMINTS program is specific to Missouri. Certificate programs in technology can be incorporated into existing teacher preparation programs, and internships and/or other experiences in computer refurbishment can be integrated into computer science courses. Existing school/university partnerships can be expanded to include donations to public schools in accordance with school and university policies governing such donations.
Additional Resources:https://bluetigerportal.lincolnu.edu/web/dept-of-computer-science-mathematics-and-technology/computer-science
CEO-to-CEO Contact:Kevin D. Rome , Presidentpresident@lincolnu.edu
(573) 681-5044
Date Published: Tuesday, March 29, 2011