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Project Title:Southern Regional Institute/Educational Technology Training CenterInstitution Name:Richard Stockton College of New Jersey Innovation Category:Research and Regional Stewardship Project Director:Patty Weeks, Director, Southern Regional Institute and ETTCContact Information:(609) 625-6040, patty.weeks@stockton.eduWebsite:http://www.ettc.net/index.cfm
Project Description:

The Southern Regional Institute (SRI) and Educational Technology Training Center (ETTC) provide professional development opportunities for preK-12 educators, technology coordinators, school administrators, and other support service professionals. The overall goals of the SRI are to improve student academic achievement, organization effectiveness, employee performance, and user satisfaction. The ETTC's goal is to offer technology training and technology services to school districts to enhance the education available to students through the creative use of educational technologies in the classroom.

The SRI&ETTC Consortium includes school districts and other regional organizations in five southern New Jersey counties and represents approximately 90,000 PreK-12 students and 24,000 educators.

  • Develop a model of shared services among regional school districts in order to maximize opportunities for professional growth among K-12 educators and improve student achievement.
  • Establish a resource center to explore emerging trends and research-based evidence in K-12 instructional practices.
  • Utilize the expertise of college faculty and staff across all disciplines to provide continuing professional development in both content and pedagogy to K-12 teachers and administrators.
  • Build a K-16 instructional continuum that fully integrates the use of 21st century skills including collaboration, communication and critical thinking.
  • Membership has grown from 24 to 89 school districts.  Annual registrations in consortium workshops and activities have increased to more than 8000 in 2009-2010. 
  • Stockton has received $10,000,000 in external grants and contracts to improve K-12 teachers’ content knowledge and guide changes in instructional practices.
  • Student achievement, measured by standardized state assessments administered annually, is monitored by school districts and focused professional development is designed in response to changes in assessment scores. Workshops that address core content and research-based pedagogy are available to members through a public calendar. Systemic programming is requested by districts that require more support.
Challenges/Problems Encountered:Adequate facilities may have initially presented a challenge but consortium member districts were able to host programming offered by the SRI&ETTC in exchange for additional seats at these activities for their own teachers.  As the program grew, more than two-thirds of all workshops were held off-site at different schools and locations. 
Evaluation Approach:All programs are evaluated by participants to determine their level of satisfaction with the quality of content and instruction. Similar evaluations are completed when teachers return to schools following a program. College representatives regularly meet with K-12 personnel to share evaluation data and make decisions regarding future activities. Participants are often asked to complete follow-up surveys 2-3 months after a program to further inform the SRI&ETTC about the quality and usefulness of the professional development.
Potential for Replication:SRI&ETTC was created to prepare the K-12 community for the rapid integration of technology into the classroom.  The college was able to guide this integration by building a culture of collaboration and shared services among school districts that were all struggling to finance the change and to prepare their teachers to embrace the change.  The SRI&ETTC created opportunities for communication and collaboration among teachers and across school districts.
CEO-to-CEO Contact:Herman J. Saatkamp Jr , Presidentpresident@stockton.edu
(609) 652-4521
Date Published: Tuesday, March 29, 2011