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Project Title:Service Learning in Dual-Credit CoursesInstitution Name:Northern Kentucky University Innovation Category:Research and Regional Stewardship Project Director:Victoria Berling, Executive DirectorContact Information:(859) 392-2401, berlingv1@nku.eduWebsite:
Project Description:For the past three years, high school students enrolled in a dual-credit Social Justice course have participated in a service-learning project. Through the project, students have selected agencies in need to receive special funding through the Scripps Howard Endowment Fund. Under the direction of a tenured faculty member, students developed award criteria, interviewed potential recipients, and presented the awards to the agencies. The project allowed students to identify, evaluate and compare the needs of our community through the eyes of the participating agencies. The course has been delivered in conjunction with high schools with heavy enrollment from under-represented student populations.
  • Use active learning methods to teach students enrolled in a social justice course.
  • Engage students in the community through service learning.
  • Build decision-making and critical-thinking skills among dual-credit students through the service-learning project.
Outcomes:The course has been widely successful, based on student evaluations, evaluations from participating organizations, and feedback from the school districts. Students are able to verbalize the impact that the service learning approach has had on their ability to master the subject. Students describe it as an experience that will have lasting impact on their world views.
Challenges/Problems Encountered:Thanks to the support of the Scripps Howard Foundation for Civic Engagement, the generosity of the Mayerson Student Philanthropy Fund and the expertise of the seasoned faculty member, there were no substantial challenges encountered.
Evaluation Approach:Students evaluated the project through end-of-course evaluations and provided feedback when they presented the awards to the selected organizations.
Potential for Replication:This project can be easily replicated.
Additional Resources:Resources for the project included funding through The Mayerson Student Philanthropy Fund, support for service-learning through the Scripps Howard Foundation for Civic Engagement, and the expertise of a tenured faculty member.
CEO-to-CEO Contact:Geoff Mearns , Presidentmearns@nku.edu
(859) 572-5123
Date Published: Tuesday, May 13, 2014