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The War in Ukraine: How Institutions of Higher Education Can Help

GrantWeek - May 09, 2022

By Mahaney, Kyle

​The Russian invasion of Ukraine has upended life for tens of millions in the large Eastern European nation north of the Black Sea. No facet of life has been spared from the conflict, including the academic year, the research of Ukraine's scholars, and the studies of Ukrainian students. Many people and institutions have rallied around the effort to help the Ukrainians, and U.S. universities have a range of opportunities to help within their academic purview.

The Scholars at Risk Network specializes in connecting universities to scholars operating in dangerous conditions such as war zones. They provide resources to aid universities in hosting foreign educational professionals on a temporary basis, either as researchers or instructors. Scholarships and other funds are available. Membership is required.

The Institute of International Education manages several programs to support both scholars and students. Some require membership and most require matching funds. Programs include the Scholar Rescue Fund, the Emergency Student Fund, and the Odyssey Scholarship.

The Threatened Scholars Integration Initiative is managed by the Open Society University Network (membership required). Two types of fellowships are offered: Residential Fellowships, covering two to three years of direct employment by a university of a displaced academic on the institution's campus; and Non-Residential Fellowships, covering 1-2 years of remote employment of a scholar unable to travel.

The International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology offers relocation support for displaced trainees at the graduate or postgraduate level. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Short-term research fellowships for travel are also available, with the next deadline for applications on October 1, 2022.

Those wishing to support the continuation of Ukrainian academic life more generally can visit the Science For Ukraine website, which serves as a clearinghouse for ongoing and new opportunities that emerge in this rapidly-changing situation. More specific to the university environment is this resource sheet from the Association of Slavic, East European & Eurasian Studies, which contains a wealth of information on how institutions of higher education can get involved.

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