Online Proposal Submission Form for ADP/TDC 2013

American Democracy Project & The Democracy Commitment Joint National Meeting:
21st Century Citizens: Building Bridges, Solving Problems

June 6-8, 2013
Marriott City Center
Denver, Colorado

If you are interested in making a presentation at the ADP/TDC 2013 National Meeting, please complete and submit this online proposal form.

Deadline extended until February 15!
Proposals received by Feb. 1 will be reviewed and notification will be sent out no later than Monday, March 4, 2013. Proposals received after Feb. 1 will be reviewed and notification sent out as soon as possible after March 4.

You'll find more information about the national meeting (including registration and hotel information) here.

*** Please note that you should make a copy of your proposal. This system will not generate one for you. You are encouraged to write your proposal in a Word document first and to copy and paste the questions and your responses before you hit submit!

Download the word document version of this Call for Proposal form (.docx)

Submitting Presenter Information

First Name      
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to appear in the program)
Professional Title
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Executive Director;
sophomore majoring
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Are you affiliated with ADP or TDC (or both or neither):

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Proposal Information

Please be sure to review the Call for Proposals (pdf) and the Description of Presentation Formats (pdf).

Please indicate your preferred session format. Please note that you are not guaranteed this format. Please make sure to structure your responses below to align with your preferred format type (e.g., if you’re proposing a poster, indicate what will appear on the poster; if you’re proposing a workshop, indicate how participants will be actively engaged). 
1) Your proposal fits into which one of the following categories?

Please note: Some proposals may fit into several categories. Please indicate the category it best fits.

2) Proposal Title
(Please be brief, but descriptive. This title will appear in the program and should be no longer than 140 characters.)
3) Abstract
Please briefly describe the content of your proposal in 1,000 characters or less.

4) Learning Objectives
Please list up to three goals or expected learning outcomes for your session
(e.g., share a new framework; engage participants in conversation or debate; elicit new ideas in a round-table setting). 

5) Audience Engagement
Please describe how you plan to engage participants
(e.g., thought-provoking questions, small group discussion, role-play, panel Q&A session). 

6) Meeting Relevance
Please describe how your proposal is innovative and/or aligns with the meeting's 21st Century Citizenship theme.

7) Session Outline & Time Sequence (as appropriate) 
Please provide an outline of how you intend to organize your presentation (e.g., who will say what and when).  

Additional Presenter(s) Information

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Additional Comments/Notes:

Please use the space below to provide us with any additional information that you think is worth noting (e.g., if you'd like your proposal to be grouped with another proposal).