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Bayron Torres (2016)

My First Generation Story

As a graduate of Puerto Rican and Peruvian descendants, I am known in my immediate family as the first to attend and complete my undergraduate degree. It is an honor to represent my family through the hard work and dedication I have committed to through my academic work. I have a great deal of appreciation for my mother, who through hardship and perseverance, laid the foundation for a promising future for my brother and I.

My mother, who dropped out of high school in grade 9, lived a life with limited possibilities. She inhabited a household where the culture mandated that women grow up to become housewives; her family rejected the idea that she could be a driven woman and have a vocation of her own. She made many attempts to gain their support to shape her own role in society. She pursued a future in the military by recruiting herself for the navy, but her own family admonished that war is no place for a woman. One lesson my mother has taught me is to pursue in life what you want, but to not be dispirited if life takes you on a different path. After all, if had joined the military, she feels she wouldn’t have had the best career of them all: being a mother.

As the old saying goes, “Mama didn’t raise no fool”—this echoed in my college years. I quickly became engaged in my college campus, involving myself in several student organizations. Knowing the benefits and responsibilities of developing keen leadership skills, I jumped head on into my roles as an event coordinator, a club commissioner, and an advocate for student inclusion. My goal throughout much of my involvement was to expand the horizon of what a student leader is capable of accomplishing. I feel a sense of independence, knowing that what I have achieved in college is due to my ability to imagine what higher education could do for me and my family.

Despite the country’s economic uncertainty, particularly for college graduates, I have been able to hold interviews with different business firms and organizations seeking to hire an accounting position. Seeing all that I have accomplished and learning which opportunities are yet to be seized, I look forward pursing my own definition of success and providing a foundation for others to find their own.

About the Student

Bayron Torres Resized

Bayron Torres is a senior at the College of Staten Island's School of Business.

Student Stats

Name: Bayron Torres (2016)
Age: 21
Year in School: Senior
Major: Accounting
Favorite Course: Federal Taxation
Dream Job: C.P.A.

About the School

College of Staten Island

The College of Staten Island is a senior college of The City University of New York (CUNY) offering Doctoral programs, Advanced Certificate programs, and Master’s programs, as well as Bachelor’s and Associate’s degrees. The College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

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