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Tanya Tovar (2017)

My First Generation Story

Being a first generation college student can be nerve-racking, worrisome, stressful, thrilling, joyful and pleasant. However, that is what makes this journey worth it. When I graduated high school back in 2014, I became very anxious as to “what happens next” for my life, future career and education. I never imagined Framingham State University (FSU) would shape my career and life journey as much as it has.

The opportunities at FSU are endless, and as a first generation student one should take every opportunity to his or her advantage. This means knowing when one needs help and knowing and understanding when things get difficult and where the resources are.

I was worried about not making friends, as a commuter and as a first generation student, but I soon realized that those worries were unnecessary. I learned how to become involved, how to manage my time and responsibilities and how to become the best student I can be. I now can help other first generation students move forward toward their goals and dreams and make those dreams a reality. That is what FSU did for me. It is important to know that as first generation students we are not alone, and there are limitless resources, professors, faculty and more that are all there to help us succeed.

I have learned to never take an opportunity for granted, to always ask questions and to understand that a closed door does not mean there is no other way in. Being a first generation student is not meant to be an obstacle; it is not meant to be a hurdle. It is meant for you as the student to become a role model and example to others to show that being first gen does not make it impossible to grow and to become successful in your college career.

About the Student

Tanya Tovar Resized

Tanya is a senior psychology major at Framingham State University. She is a first generation student from Massachusetts who hopes to become a clinical psychologist.

Student Stats

Name: Tanya Tovar (2017)
Age: 21
Year in School: Senior
Major: Psychology
Favorite Course: Psychology of Personality
Dream Job: Clinical Psychologist

About the School

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