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Megan Foertsch (2017)

My First Generation Story

This year I will turn 22, and that’s not the only celebration I’ll have. I will also be completing my last year of my bachelor’s degree at Farmingdale State College. I don’t know if I’m more excited about completing my degree and hopefully moving forward onto law school, or the fact that I will be the first in my family to earn a college degree.

Since I was born in 1995, up until present day, my mother and father have had the same job or job title, which doesn’t require a college degree. My father works for MTA, formally known as Triboro Bus Company, while my mother has remained a secretary at several different firms. Both started their jobs when they were 18 years old. I have a younger sister who recently graduated high school and will be entering college herself. Hopefully, she’ll become the second individual in our family to complete a degree.

When I graduated high school, I attended the American Sign Language (ASL) program at Suffolk County Community College. I completed my associate degree in ASL in May 2016. My mom was so proud of me, but little did she know I was planning to complete a degree much higher. When I completed my associate degree, I realized law was the only thing I wanted to study. That September, I entered the Law Enforcement Technology program at Farmingdale.

Law has been a passion of mine for a long time. I will be applying to law school in October, with hopes of being accepted. My end goal is to be a criminal attorney and living my life doing a career I love. For now, I am serving as a waitress on the weekends, working at my stepfather’s law firm during the day and babysitting evenings Monday through Friday. Once I start school, my schedule will change a bit, so I can attend classes on campus, and because I was recently notified that I was accepted into the internship program at the Nassau County District Attorney’s office.

The more accomplishments my family learns, the more they become proud of me, and, most importantly, the more they respect me. More than one celebration is in order at the end of this year and my journey is just beginning.

About the Student

Megan Foertsch Resized

Megan Foertsch is 21 and from Farmingdale, N.Y. She is a student and working three part-time jobs: babysitting, working as a billing assistant at her stepfather's law firm and waitressing. She enjoys working and staying busy, but during her free time, she binge watches movies on Netflix; goes shopping; reads; and, most importantly, makes new memories with her family, boyfriend and friends. When she has some time to herself, she watches TV shows such as "Law & Order: SVU," "Sons of Anarchy," "Gossip Girl" and more. This fall she will be interning at the Nassau County District Attorney's office, which she is extremely excited about. Criminal law has been a passion of hers and she can't wait to gain the experience—hands-on experience will definitely prepare her for the future she hopes to have as a criminal attorney.

Student Stats

Name: Megan Foertsch (2017)
Age: 21
Year in School: Senior
Major: Law Enforcement Technology
Favorite Course: Criminalistics
Dream Job: Criminal Attorney

About the School

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