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C Arce (2017)

My First Generation Story

Texas A&M University-San Antonio (A&M San Antonio) students walking to class will likely see C Arce’s Colgate smile displayed on several University posters throughout campus. She’s a representative of the University’s diversity and welcoming atmosphere. Arce is a sophomore, part of the inaugural freshman class of 2020, and is bustling around campus focusing on her studies and socializing with her fellow Jaguars. She works in the Office of First-Year Experience, gaining a taste of her future career.

A former JagX orientation leader, she looks back on the time as one of her favorite campus memories. She spent the week before classes began in August prepping 650 items of everything the class of 2021 would need. It was her first summer participating in all student orientations on campus and creating a bond between herself and her assigned students.
It was during one of her high school college fair days that she found out A&M San Antonio accepted freshmen students. Arce realized she would be a part of the inaugural freshman class and enrolled.

“I chose A&M San Antonio because of its small classroom sizes and because I would be part of the school’s first freshman class,” she says. “I thought that was super cool.”
Growing up in a Military family, she frequently moved around the country and dealt with new settings. She finds A&M San Antonio an intimate campus, and being on campus is where her Jaguar family embraces her with loving arms.

“I love our school because even though we’re small and are still growing, I still feel like we’re a family,” Arce says.

Her siblings did attend college, but she will be the first in her family to cross the stage with a diploma in hand. She will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies. After graduation, she plans to keep pursuing a career in higher education by attending graduate school for her masters and doctorate degrees.

“I want to start off working in student affairs within higher education,” she says. “My eventual goal is to be president of a university.”

Arce admires President Cynthia Teniente-Matson because of her approachable and friendly attitude, as well as her initiative to be involved with the university’s students. The opportunity to assist fellow students along their path in higher education is what Arce considers her calling.

She recently was promoted to orientation student director and sees her on-campus job as a resume builder. Working on campus for Arce has made her more disciplined in time management. She finds comfort in the fact that she can go to her bosses and they’ll be understanding and flexible with her class schedule.

“It’s always a student first,” she confirms.

Arce is a bilingual student speaking English and Tagalog, the most common language in the Philippines. She found living in the Philippines for five years as a child an awesome living experience.

She enjoys spending her free time hanging out with friends and family and participating in adventurous activities on or off campus. As a positive person, she looks forward to what her future holds. Arce is one of many Jaguars who are shining examples of how students can find a place to call home and jump into all the opportunities A&M San Antonio has to offer.

About the Student

C Arce Resized

My family immigrated from the Philippines, but I have been a military brat ever since I was born. I was born in Hanau, Germany, and have lived in several places such as the Philippines, Missouri and Texas. Neither of my parents attended college, and I will be the first in my family to receive a bachelor's degree. I am the Orientation Student Director for the First-Year Experience Department at my institution. I also serve proudly as Ms. Texas A&M-San Antonio. I have a great desire for working with college students, and I plan to pursue my career in Student Affairs in Higher Education. One day, I hope to own a beautiful farmhouse with my husband and four kids!

Student Stats

Name: C Arce (2017)
Age: 20
Year in School: Sophomore
Major: Interdisciplinary Studies
Favorite Course: Intro to Teaching
Dream Job: University President

About the School

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