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Elyssa Yero (2010)

My First Generation Story

About the Student

Elyssa Yero

Elyssa Yero is a sophomore at the University of West Florida majoring in mathematics with a minor in professional education. The first to attend college in her family, she aspires to become a university mathematics professor. She works 30 to 40 hours a week for the University Commons Service Desk assisting students. In her free time, Elyssa tutors students in the UWF Mathematics Lab.

Student Stats

Name: Elyssa Yero (2010)
Age: 19
Year in School: Sophomore
Major: Mathematics
Favorite Course: Trigonometry and College Algebra
Dream Job: University Mathematics Professor

About the School

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The University of West Florida is a creative, student-centered state institution focused on excellence. At UWF, our highest priorities are our students and the academic programs that serve them. The faculty, staff and students at UWF are not here to merely do what's been done before. Individual attention from a world-class faculty in a warm and caring environment is the essence of UWF. Our mission is to empower each individual we serve with knowledge and opportunity to contribute responsibly and creatively to a complex world.

The University of West Florida, with campuses in Pensacola and along the Emerald Coast of Northwest Florida, is one of the region's prized resources. UWF is a member of the State University System of Florida.

Theodore R. and Vivian M. Johnson Scholarship Foundation has partnered with the University of West Florida to assist First Generation students at the university. The Johnson Scholarship Foundation has pledged $100,000, over five years, to challenge others to support First Generation Scholarships at UWF.

Gifts to the First Generation Scholarship are also currently matched 100% by the State of Florida First Generation Matching Grant Program. For more information about the gifts, visit the following website.

Here are the statistics for First Generation Scholarships at UWF:

2006 - 2007
337 students
Total awarded $327,832.87 (half gifts & half state match)

2007 - 2008
293 students
Total awarded $287,904.00  (half gifts & half state match)

2008 - 2009
427 students
Total awarded $390,000.00  (half gifts & half state match)

2009 - 2010
267 students
Total awarded $390,000.00  (half gifts & half state match)

The number of students is the number used as net addition to our total number of students receiving awards from all UWF Foundation scholarships. Some of the First Generation recipients also receive other scholarships through the UWF Foundation.



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