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Lavell Simpkins (2013)

My First Generation Story

I am a first generation college student. Growing up in a impoverished home was a struggle. Drugs, alcohol and lack of finances made me look at college as something that I would never be able to experience. I graduated from Martin Luther King High School with poor academic marks. Life for me looked hopeless. However, Central Penn College offered me the opportunity to advance my life. When I arrived on campus, I made the decision to become more professional in every aspect of my life. I had to change up the way I spoke, dressed and interacted with people. I had to become more professional, righteous and politically conscious. I turned off BET and started watching CNN. I started to think with logic. I started to debate current events and grow my vocabulary. In turn, I transferred out of Central Penn College in excellent academic status. Further, I am now at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. I am a resident assistant and I hold numerous leadership positions around campus. College is reachable. You just have to be willing to make the jump all the way.

About the Student

Lavell Simpkins

Lavell Simpkins is a junior majoring in sociology at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania.

Student Stats

Name: Lavell Simpkins (2013)
Age: 20
Year in School: Junior
Major: Sociology
Favorite Course: World History II
Dream Job: University or Public School Administration

About the School

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Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania is a regional state-supported institution. It is part of the State System of Higher Education of Pennsylvania, which is made up of 14 universities located in various geographic regions throughout the Commonwealth. Founded in 1871, Shippensburg University serves the educational, social, and cultural needs of students primarily from south central Pennsylvania. The university enrolls students from throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Mid-Atlantic region, the United States, and various foreign countries as well.

Shippensburg is a comprehensive university offering bachelor's and master's degree programs in the colleges of arts and sciences, business, and education and human services. The curricula are organized to enable students both to develop their intellectual abilities and to obtain professional training in a variety of fields. The foundation of the undergraduate curriculum is a required core of courses in the arts and sciences. These courses prepare students to think logically, read critically, write clearly, and verbalize ideas in a succinct and articulate manner; they also broaden students' knowledge of the world, past and present.



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