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Abraham Im (2013)

My First Generation Story

Flying through the limitless skies and being able to say, “My office is located at 30,000 feet traveling 500 miles per hour” has been my lifelong dream. My mother always told me that I could become a doctor or a lawyer, but I wanted to become a pilot and, more importantly, accomplish that dream. At first, being the first in my family to go to college carried no emotions, but as I grew older I realized that being the pioneer carried a lot of responsibilities.

When I was in middle school I lost my best friend and mentor who I looked up to, my father. We owned a little dry cleaning business in Queens, New York and, being an only child, I had to pick up the responsibility by helping out at the shop. My childhood as I knew it was over and I became integrated into the adult world over night. As the economy started to struggle, I had to temporarily put high school—and my dream—aside to help my mother. However, one day I realized that what I was doing would only prolong our struggles, so I decided to make a drastic change in my life. I re-enrolled into high school.

From the first day of high school, I told myself that as the example setter for the future generations in my family, I must set high standards for myself and carry them out consistently. It was challenging at first, being a full time student in the day and working full time at night, but I knew that both my parents worked just as hard if not harder so I could not slack off. However, that hard work eventually helped me grow as a person and the results paid off greatly when I graduated as the valedictorian of my class.

Now as a sophomore in college studying to become a professional pilot, I realized that if one truly wants to accomplish something, they must have the ability to continue working towards that goal long after the mood in which it was created has passed. Looking back at my path, I can proudly say that I made my parents proud and I set a high standard for future generations in my family.

About the Student

Abraham Im

Abraham Im is a Korean-American, born and raised in the USA. A full-time student, Abraham is studying to become a professional pilot and working as a lifeguard in the summer. He loves to explore and learn about new cultures, especially the foods, and hopes he can become an inspiration to the next generation who share his same dream.

Student Stats

Name: Abraham Im (2013)
Age: 22
Year in School: Sophomore
Major: Aeronautical Science
Favorite Course: Calculus
Dream Job: Airline Pilot

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