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Anthony D. Flowers (2013)

My First Generation Story

I started as a young child dreaming of being in the NBA one day. As that childhood dream came to a close, going to college was not on my mind—the decision to go was actually last minute. Today, I jokingly tell my friends, “I almost asked my mom to turn around” on the way to my first visit to IUP (because the campus is situated in the middle of nowhere). But I went on and made the most important decision of my life in the spring of 2010: I decided that I was going to college to graduate with a degree in business.

Going to college was always lectured to me, but being a first generation student, I had no first-hand example to look up to in that aspect. However, coming to college has given me opportunities to surround myself around young, motivated individuals like myself. My research with the IUP McNair Undergraduate Research Program and serving as a vice president of the College of Business Student Advisory Council gave me an opportunity to learn valuable life lessons and gain wisdom from trusted advisors and mentors. By being involved on campus, I not only learn a lot, but also am able to complete meaningful work and service in and outside of the classroom. Being in the university for three years now has equipped me for the next stage of my life, which likely may include graduate studies. I have experienced unforgettable memories and carved a path for the rest of my life. If I had never come to school, I can honestly say I have no idea where I would be or what I would be doing. Going to college has been the best decision of my life. Here at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, I can live, learn and work in an environment that fosters inspiration and innovation.

About the Student

Anthony Flowers (Resized)

Anthony Flowers, of Cleveland, Ohio, likes to learn, help people and create new ideas. He chose his major based on three passions: business, traveling the world and seeing different cultures, and meeting new people. He is currently learning Mandarin Chinese and will study abroad in China in spring 2014.  His extracurricular activities have included the IUP Track and Field team, Sigma Chi Fraternity, McNair Research Program, working for the IUP athletics department as game management, the International Business Association, and the College of Business Student Advisory Council.  

Student Stats

Name: Anthony D. Flowers (2013)
Age: 21
Year in School: Junior
Major: International Business-Finance
Favorite Course: College Writing (taught by Brian Cope)
Dream Job: Owning and operating a micro-business firm

About the School

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