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Belia Alvarado (2011)

My First Generation Story

About the Student

Belia Alvarado

Belia Alvarado (Bel) is a senior majoring in psychology.  She wants to be a high school psychologist and mentor teens who may be headed for trouble. In addition to her course work, she feels strongly about repaying individuals, various groups and Weber State University for assisting her in her educational success. She is a peer mentor, a member of Student Support Services, the Pinnacle Honor Society and the Hispanic Area Council.Belia will graduate in May. She has been pleased and surprised at all the opportunities available to first-generation students at Weber State.

Student Stats

Name: Belia Alvarado (2011)
Age: 37
Year in School: Senior
Major: Psychology
Favorite Course: Honors Physical Science
Dream Job: High School Counselor

About the School

FGV: Weber State

Founded in 1889, Weber (pronounced Wee-ber) State University is a coeducational, publicly supported, open-enrollment university, offering professional, liberal arts and technical certificates, as well as associate, bachelors’ and masters’ degrees. The university prides itself on its excellent teaching, extraordinary commitment to meeting the needs of students at every stage of life, and ongoing service to the community.
Online courses, distance learning, independent study and evening classes offered at various times and places meet the complex needs of students, trying to balance family and work responsibilities. The university recognizes that a diversity of cultures and perspectives enriches the learning environment. 



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