• ADP Logo

    In 2013, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the American Democracy Project, we organized a student-designed logo competition for a new ADP logo. We received more than 30 logo designs from more than a dozen ADP campuses. The designs were original and captured the creativity and imagination of dozens of student designers.

    We unveiled the new ADP logo at the 2013 American Democracy Project national meeting in Denver, Colorado. The winning team of students came from the University of Missouri-St. Louis and consisted of Sivya Smason, Candice Harper, Brianca Johnson and Jacob Endejan. Visit the ADP blog to read more.

    The logo design incorporates ideas that represent ADP’s core values: the circular shape represents the continuity of civic engagement and continuity of growth, and the hands represent the students with whom involvement in ADP starts, as well as the power of unity and of community.

    Get the Logo for Your Campus

    ADP participating campuses can download the logo via the following links:

    Once downloaded, campuses can integrate their institution name into the logo in one of two ways:

    ADP logo - campus use 

    For additional help, please refer to these download and customization instructions (pdf).