• JSI 2022   

    About the Japan Studies Institute

    2022 Japan Studies Institute
    Incorporating Japanese Studies Into the Undergraduate Curriculum
    June 6–19, 2022
    San Diego State University

    The Japan Studies Institute (JSI) is a multidisciplinary, national faculty development institute focused on helping participants integrate Japanese studies into their undergraduate curricula. While modern Japan serves as the focus for the program, participants are provided with a firm foundation in the pre-modern history and culture of Japan. The Institute involves two weeks of intensive seminars, lectures, readings, films, and cultural activities related to various aspects of Japanese history, education, business, and culture. Previous programs have included topics as diverse as wartime and the occupation of Japan, and social relations and the changing role of women in Japan. Institute faculty will include scholars, representatives from the local Japanese community, artists, journalists, and government officials.



      • Must be faculty members who can impact undergraduate education (either through teaching or academic support services that affect undergraduate studies). 
      • Should not have prior training or professional experience in Japanese studies and should demonstrate an interest in gaining a better understanding of Japan.
      • Must be nominated by a president, chancellor, or provost, either directly or at the request of the applicant.


      Required documents below must be submitted by February 28, 2022. Your application will not be considered if not completed with all items mentioned below. Supporting documents must be sent by email to  Jody Dixon.

      • Completed application form

      • Completed nomination form

      • CV or resume

      • Recommendation letter from a provost, dean, or department chair who is familiar with your academic achievements and your potential career path. The letter should be limited to one page.

      • A typed, single-spaced, one-page Statement of Intent outlining the potential benefits of the award to your teaching and professional growth, and to your institution and community. This statement should address:
        • Your interest in broadening your knowledge of Japan
        • Ways in which your teaching will be affected by the Institute (or, if you don’t teach, the impact you expect to have on undergraduate education at your institution)
        • How you plan to use the experience to effect curricular change
        • How you expect to contribute to the Institute

      Structure of the Institute

      The two-week residential program is held on the San Diego State University campus. While attending the program, participants are housed in shared suites (separate bedrooms, common living area) in a dormitory on the university campus. Due to the intensive nature of the program, families cannot be accommodated and are not permitted to stay in the dormitory.

      Additionally, due to policies in place at San Diego State University, all fellows in residence are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19, and provide proof of vaccination once they are accepted into the Institute and before arrival to the campus. There is also a mask mandate for all individuals on campus.

      Classes are held Monday through Friday, from morning until late afternoon. Sundays and evenings are reserved for free time and/or independent study. There are off campus excursions on the first Saturday, and a closing dinner on the final Saturday. The formal program is complemented by several off-campus and evening activities.

      Registration Fee

      • AASCU member institutions – Participation in this Institute is complimentary for AASCU members. Costs associated with program administration, academic material, and residence life is covered by a generous endowment from the Nippon Foundation.
      • Non-AASCU member institutions – $895 

      Participants in the program are responsible for ancillary expenses related to travel to and from the program site, and all other personal and miscellaneous items.

      The Sponsors

      The JSI Fellowships and Institute on “Incorporating Japanese Studies Into the Undergraduate Curriculum” are made possible by a generous endowment from the Nippon Foundation. They are managed by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), an association of more than 300 public institutions of higher education across the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. San Diego State University provides the academic program and the facilities.