• Stewardship of Public Lands

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    We are officially relaunching the Stewardship of Public Lands program!

    Throughout 2022, we will meet virtually to explore the theme of water; there will be no cost for this experience, and the cohort will share resources and teaching strategies, discuss regional collaborations, and plan for an in-person visit to a national park in 2023. In addition to engaging in discussions about stewardship and water with scholars from other ADP campuses, participants will also have an opportunity to meet in person at CLDE in June 2022 and we may do optional in-person regional visits to national parks during the fall of 2022.

    Products of the Annual Seminar

    Over the past 14 years, faculty participants in the Yellowstone Seminar have developed a variety of projects and activities for their own students. For example, in 2007, a group of participants created a documentary entitled Mammoth to Mammoth about this initiative. A number of former participants have created their own unique programs in Yellowstone for their own undergraduates. Students led by former Yellowstone Seminar participants have come to Yellowstone during the summer, in fall and spring sessions, and in winter. They have come for as little as three days, and as long as two weeks. Many of the faculty program developers use the services of Yellowstone Forever to assist them as they design and execute their programs. Many other former Yellowstone Seminar participants have created programs on their own campuses and in their own regions about public lands or public resource issues, modeling their program on the Yellowstone Seminar experience. In 2010, the Stewardship of Public Lands: A Handbook for Educators monograph was released, detailing the work of the AASCU institutions as they explore the various issues surrounding the controversies over public lands.