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Project Title:Persuasive Communication ProjectInstitution Name:York College, City University of New York Innovation Category:Program Design and Delivery Project Director:Harry Rosen, Acting Dean, School of Business and Information SystemsContact Information:(718) 262-5310, hrosen@york.cuny.eduWebsite:
Project Description:To help students’ oral communication/presentation skills, three faculty teaching upper level courses in the School of Business and Information Systems introduced the use of videotaping to help fine tune students’ presentation skills. The Department of Performing and Fine Arts provided the technical support to videotape student presentation rehearsals. Faculty then reviewed the recordings with students to reflect on their learning and make changes. The initiative is expected to expand so all senior students take it before they graduate. 
  • Students will be able to see their own, actual presentation, and some flaws in the presentation will be self-correcting.
  • Faculty will be able to point out flaws in student presentations as they are happening, by stopping the recording.
  • After this constructive criticism, students will improve their performances, and gain self-confidence in subsequent presentations.
  • Students will understand that business plans and management reports must be presented persuasively to achieve full effectiveness. 
  • Better presentations (performance) as graded by a rubric evaluating multiple criteria.
  • Students reported that they were more confident in making persuasive presentations after this.
Challenges/Problems Encountered:The ultimate goal is to get every student in the School of Business and Information Systems to master the skills of making persuasive presentations before they graduate. However, it is not easy for all faculty to buy into the program and be enthusiastic about it. In addition, the school wants to create an oral communication lab for this purpose but is still looking for funding to support it. 
Evaluation Approach:Currently the faculty are teaching and grading their students. The school of Business and Information Systems is hoping to hire coaches specialized in this area to help review recorded student presentations. In addition, it was suggested that two faculty evaluate the student presentations to decide whether students improve their performance through this technique to ensure grader reliability. 
CEO-to-CEO Contact:Marcia V. Keizs , Presidentmkeizs@york.cuny.edu
(718) 262-2350
Date Published: Friday, April 29, 2011