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Project Title:An Innovative, Multidisciplinary Degree Program: Bachelor of Science in Applied Social ScienceInstitution Name:University of Wisconsin-Stout Innovation Category:Program Design and Delivery Project Director:Julie Watts, Interim Associate Dean, or Jeff Sweat, Director, B.S. Applied Social Science programContact Information:Watts: (715) 232-2342 or wattsj@uwstout.edu; Sweat: (715) 232-1210 or sweatj@uwstout.edu, Website:http://www.uwstout.edu/programs/bsass/index.cfm
Project Description:The innovatively structured, multidisciplinary B.S. in Applied Social Science program provides undergraduates with a solid base in the social sciences, along with concentrations in specialized areas of history and politics, economics, or sociology/anthropology. This Applied Social Science baccalaureate degree was developed with UW-Stout’s special mission status as a comprehensive, career-focused polytechnic university in mind.
  • Create a multidisciplinary baccalaureate program that takes advantage of UW-Stout’s specialized social sciences areas.
  • Recruit undergraduate students into the B.S. in Applied Social Science.
  • The B.S. in Applied Social Science has been approved by the Board of Regents and is enrolling students. 
  • Undergraduate enrollment numbers are healthy, especially for a program that is new to the UW-Stout program array.
Challenges/Problems Encountered:Program faculty were challenged to convincingly articulate the specifics of the program, especially before various university committees.
Evaluation Approach:The program evaluation process is currently being carried out. Emphasis will be placed on requiring program students to complete a portfolio of work, which will be assessed to help identify the effectiveness and relevancy of the curriculum to student performance. Surveys of alumni and employers will be distributed to obtain perceptions of satisfaction with the program and its graduates.  
Potential for Replication:The B.S. program was initiated to speak to qualities specific to UW-Stout. However, the notion of a multidisciplinary baccalaureate degree program in social sciences can be realized at other institutions through revising existing programs or through new program adoption.
CEO-to-CEO Contact:Charles W. Sorensen , Chancellorsorensenc@uwstout.edu
(715) 232-2441
Date Published: Saturday, April 30, 2011