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Project Title:Redesign of a Post-Professional DPT Program: Development of an Online Medically Complex Case DatabaseInstitution Name:Richard Stockton College of New Jersey Innovation Category:Program Design and Delivery Project Director:Mary Lou Galantino, Professor of Physical Therapy or Douglas M. Harvey, Associate Professor of Instructional TechnologyContact Information:Galatino: (609) 652-4408 or MaryLou.Galantino@stockton.edu; Harvey: (609) 652-4770 or Douglas.Harvey@stockton.edu, Website:http://maitcf.stockton.edu/MAIT/MCPD/
Project Description:This project is a collaboration between graduate programs in Physical Therapy and Instructional Technology that involved redesigning a doctoral-level Physical Therapy course from a face-to-face offering to an online course. The central component of the redesign was a student-generated database of cases drawn from each student’s personal experience. This database helped to scaffold for students the use of the evidence-based clinical decision-making process, thus assisting them in reflecting on their own decision-making processes and furthering their understanding of the value of a new approach to patient care.
  • Establish infrastructure for patient case input into an online database
  • Scaffold for students the clinical decision-making process
  • Interface between traditional learning with online technologies
  • Evaluate outcomes for optimal patient care in clinical decision-making
  • Usability of database for course purposes
  • Analyze evidence based discussions
  • Create repository of cases for program and clinician use
  • Evaluation of course through qualitative analysis of students and instructor
Challenges/Problems Encountered:
  • Apprehension of program to providing complete doctoral program in an online environment.
  • Novel experience for instructor in both designing of course and online delivery with technological components.
  • Technical support for innovation.
Evaluation Approach:Student comments and course evaluations were collated, in addition to analysis of online discussions and case submissions, and used by the project directors to evaluate the project’s success. The primary outcome was translation of new learning of evidence-based medicine into physical therapy clinical practice.
Potential for Replication:Replication should be possible into other academic settings in which student experiences can be transferred into case studies. It would be important for instructors to identify appropriate frameworks and structures for the input of such cases. Additionally, technical expertise in database-driven dynamic websites is needed. Hardware and software needed to provide a server for hosting the database and website.
CEO-to-CEO Contact:Herman J. Saatkamp Jr. , Presidentpresident@stockton.edu
(609) 652-4521
Date Published: Monday, May 2, 2011