AASCU Spouses/Partners Call for Nominations Form

AASCU Spouses/Partners are invited to submit peer and/or self nominations of individuals for consideration to serve on the AASCU Spouse/Partner Planning Committee or the Outreach, Recruitment and Retention Sub-Committee (ORRSC).

Leadership Committees: Structure and Role

Spouse/Partner Planning Committee
The Spouse/Partner Planning Committee oversees the planning and implementation of AASCU’s programs and resources for the spouses/partners of member presidents and chancellors. The Committee consists of an unlimited number of spouses/partners who serve staggered two-year terms with half the members rotating off the group each year. The Spouse/Partner Program Liaison (Mickey Howard, spouse of the AASCU President), the Planning and Outreach Coordinator (Cyndie Shepard), and by courtesy, the spouse/partner of the AASCU Board Chair serve as ex officio members of the Planning Committee.

The structure of the AASCU Spouse/Partner Program envisions a member-driven selection process in which Committee members are chosen by the spouses/partners themselves, with the assistance of the ORRSC. The ORRSC mechanism is intended to provide a selection process that is open and transparent and encourages all spouses/partners to participate, without the potential awkwardness of a direct “popularity contest” election.

Provide leadership and oversight for all programs and activities serving AASCU’s Spouse/Partner network.

The Spouse/Partner Program Coordinator consults with this committee on content and format of meeting sessions, and members assist in session facilitation as needed at Summer Council and Annual Meeting.

This committee also helps to engage spouses/partners in AASCU activities and to reach out to spouses and partners of new member presidents and chancellors.

The members of this committee meet in-person twice a year at Summer Council and Annual Meeting and participate in monthly meetings via teleconference as necessary. Members are encouraged to join the conversations on the conference calls in order to provide ideas and feedback relevant to programming at AASCU’s two meetings.


  • Unlimited number of members serve 2 year terms; half rotate annually
  • 3 ex-officio members
  • Planning Coordinator (ongoing term)
  • Liaison (ongoing term) Spouse/Partner of Chair of the AASCU Board – if applicable (one year term)

The ORRSC consists of 7 members elected by the membership prior to the Annual Meeting. Committee members will serve staggered two-year terms with 3-4 rotating off each year and will be representative of regional AASCU membership.

The spouse/partner of the Chair of the AASCU Board of Directors and the spouse/partner of the AASCU President are invited to serve as ex-officio members of the ORRSC.

The Outreach, Recruitment and Retention Sub-Committee (ORRSC) is responsible for outreach, recruitment and retention of a diverse membership for the Spouse/Partner Planning Committee. Members will communicate with, solicit and support new members for the SPPC and its committees.

Identify candidates recommended for membership on the Spouse/Partner Planning Committee and the Outreach, Recruitment and Retention Sub-Committee. Consideration will be given to developing membership that encompasses the full range of diversity as reflected in the membership of AASCU

Meeting Pattern
Members of the ORRSC meet twice a year at Summer Council and Annual Meeting to fulfill their duties and via teleconference in June and at other times if vacancies occur.

For additional information, please contact:

M. Mia Williams, M.B.A.
Associate Vice President, Membership
(202) 478-4645

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