• Outreach, Recruitment and Retention Sub-Committee (ORRSC)

    The ORRSC is responsible for outreach, recruitment and retention of a diverse membership for the Spouse/Partner Planning Committee. Members will communicate with, solicit and support new members for the SPPC and its committees.

    The ORRSC consists of 7 members elected by the membership prior to the Annual Meeting. Committee members will serve staggered two-year terms with 3-4 rotating off each year and will be representative of regional AASCU membership.

    The spouse/partner of the Chair of the AASCU Board of Directors and the spouse/partner of the AASCU President are invited to serve as ex-officio members of the ORRSC.

      2017-2018 Outreach, Recruitment and Retention Sub-Committee (ORRSC)

      (year in parentheses under each Committee member's name indicates the year of the AASCU Annual Meeting in which that member's term will end). 
      Download ORRSC Committee (pdf)

      Revised February 1, 2018