• Outreach, Recruitment and Retention Sub-Committee (ORRSC)

    The ORRSC is responsible for outreach, recruitment and retention of a diverse membership for the Spouse/Partner Planning Committee. Members will communicate with, solicit and support new members for the SPPC and its committees.

    The ORRSC consists of 7 members elected by the membership prior to the Annual Meeting. Committee members will serve staggered two-year terms with 3-4 rotating off each year and will be representative of regional AASCU membership.

    The spouse/partner of the Chair of the AASCU Board of Directors and the spouse/partner of the AASCU President are invited to serve as ex-officio members of the ORRSC.

      2019-2020 Outreach, Recruitment and Retention Sub-Committee (ORRSC)

      Deborah E. Bynum
      Jackson State University
      (601) 979-2121
      Jane M. Dorman
      Georgia College & State University
      (478) 445-4444
      Karla Oty
      Cameron University
      (580) 581-7975